About In Between Travels


With In Between Travels I want to offer you a travel blog full of travel guides, city guides, itineraries and photo impressions – suitable for everyone. My holidays should be cheap, but comfortable and also not too adventurous but should include some off the beaten track bits. I relate to this travel style as your ‘in between travels’. Next to that, I have a full time job and not unlimited time to travel. However, I aim to always be ‘in between travels’ and have my next trip booked.


I’m Sanne. I’m living in the Netherlands in the wonderful city of Rotterdam and am 27 years old. Currently, I’m in an office job and try to spend as much time as possible on discovering the world. I’ve worked in the travel industry and was lucky enough to live in several cities in Europe such as Lisbon, London, Amsterdam, Hannover, Berlin and even for a while on Lanzarote. Because of this, I’m confident I can provide you with guides about quite some places as a local. Next to that, I love going on holiday and to travel, so why not share my experiences? Next to traveling, I like photography and photo editing, which is of course a great match. In the future, I want to learn more about graphic design and coding and the other aspects that come with running a blog. So, feel free to hand me any tips. 

Manarola's famous view


I’m always happy to help out with your travel questions or receive your travel tips and feedback. Next to that, you can contact me for collaborations through the below form or via sanne@inbetweentravels.nl.