The best craft beer bars in Utrecht

An overview of the best craft beer bars in Utrecht

As someone living in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and as a huge craft beer fan, this guide should be written. Actually, it is quite crazy there hasn’t been an overview of the best craft beer bars in Utrecht until now. This bar guide takes you on a journey along the best craft beer bars in Utrecht, and I’ll highlight my personal favourites! On top of these bars, there are plenty of bars serving craft beers (almost all beers), however, these locations have their sole focus on craft beer in Utrecht.

|| Kromme Haring

This craft beer bar in Utrecht is my personal favourite. Unfortunately for tourists, it is located outside the city centre so it might require a bit more of an effort. Of course, you can rent a bike, take public transport or walk (~45 minutes). However, their outside terrace is lovely and they have plenty of delicious beers.

Kromme Haring - Best Craft Beer Bars in Utrecht

|| De Morgenster

This bar has a lovely terrace near the water, however, that’s not the only thing that makes Cafe de Morgenster special. In my opinion, this craft beer cafe offers most ‘special’ beers with a lot of american craft beer cans on sale.Β 

Cafe de Morgenster, Best Craft Beer Bars in Utrecht

|| Frontaal Little Bar

Relatively new in town is Frontaal Little Bar, a collaboration between Frontaal Brewery and Little Beer Shop. With 28 beers on tap, of which a wide range are Frontaal beers, there is plenty to try. Next to that, the bar is centrally located next to the “Neude”. Lastly, they also offer great burgers and other bites.

Courtesy of Frontaal Little Bar

|| De Leckere

Werkspoorcafe De Leckere is located a bit further out of town, however, with a great terrace on the water. Personally, the beers of De Leckere aren’t my personal favourite, but the brewery is well worth a visit. Moreover, you can combine the Leckere with visiting the hidden gems “Nar – Cafe der Kunsten” en ” Nijverheid“.

De Leckere, Best Craft Beer Bars Utrecht

|| Gist

Taplokaal Gist is located near train station Vaartsche Rijn and can be combined with visiting the cosy “Twijnstraat” and Ruigoord area. For example, Klein Berlijn or Camping Ganzepoort are other nice nearby bars. On top of that, Taplokaal Gist offers a great waterfront terrace and around 20 beers on tap.

Gist, Craft Beer Utrecht

|| De Rat

Cafe de Rat is a small neighbourhood cafe with some great craft beers, mainly bottled. Specifically, their range of sour beers makes your visit worthwhile. Also, they have a cafe cat and cheese to snack.

|| Kafe Belgie

One of the best-known bars on this list is Kafe Belgie, a speciality beer cafe specifically focusing on – surprise – Belgian Beers. They have an extensive list of Belgian beers from the tap as well as plenty of bottles to choose from. Note, that they don’t have a terrace, so the cafe is mainly suitable for colder and rainy days and nights.

|| Van de Streek Oude Gracht

Also new in town is Van de Streek Brewery Cafe. After they have been located further outside the city centre with their brewpub, they have now moved to a very central location. Nowadays, you can enjoy your beer from the most famous brewery in Utrecht the Oude Gracht. Did you know that they have a lovely non-alcoholic beer called Playground IPA?

Courtesy of Vandestreek

|| De Drie Dorstige Herten

A small pub in town: de Drie Dorstige Herten might not be on everyone’s radar. The bar has 9 taps that are mainly occupied by local breweries, a great way to get to know smaller Dutch breweries.

Courtesy of de Drie Dorstige Herten

|| Belgisch Biercafe Olivier

Last but not least is Belgisch Biercafe Olivier, located at a very special location. You can find this cafe in an old church! Even though the place is not my personal favourite due to the acoustic, number of visitors and their focus on Belgium beers (I love to explore new beers), you should have seen this place at least once.

Courtesy of DUIC

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The Best Craft Beer Bars in Utrecht, The Netherlands


The Best Craft Beer Bars in Utrecht, The Netherlands