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With In Between Travels I want to offer you a travel blog full of travel guides, city guides, itineraries and photo impressions – suitable for everyone. My holidays should be cheap, but comfortable and also not too adventurous but should include some off the beaten track bits. I relate to this travel style as your ‘in between travels’.

Next to that, I have a full time job and not unlimited time to travel. However, I aim to always be ‘in between travels’ and have my next trip booked.

Everything about Travel

Clear and detailed itineraries on several countries about the routes I took when visiting 

I lived in several cities (think London, Berlin, Lisbon) and provide you with detailed guides

I love to go hiking and hope to provide you with great hiking trips and inspiration 

Featured Destination [Spain]

Every month I pick a featured destination of topic that will be highlighted. As part of my 6 week trip trough the Balkans, I’ve spend almost 2 weeks in Albania. A stunning country, with so much to offer such as mountains, culture and the beach. A perfect destination when looking for variaty!

About Me & IBT

Bubbles on the terrace of Collard Piccard, Avenue de Champagne
and many more to come..

And many more to come..

Travel bucket list: Kyrgyzstan



I’m Sanne. Currently, I’m in an office job and try to spend as much time as possible on discovering the world. I’ve worked in the travel industry and was lucky enough to live in several cities in Europe. Next to traveling, I like photography and photo editing, so why not share my experiences!
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I” haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list” – this definitely accounts for me. 

Although right now, we can’t travel, I definitely have a bucket list. It is even hard to create a top 10.
Check it out here.