The Best 8 Experiences in Cuba: Unveiling the Charm of the Caribbean

Not to miss: The Best 8 Experiences in Cuba

Cuba is such an impressive and unique place and might have been one of the top countries I have ever visited. Communism marks the country, there is a unique country, beautiful nature and special traditions. There are multiple experiences that you can’t miss out on when in this great Caribbean country. I will present you a list of the 8 best Cuban experiences to unveil the charm of this Caribbean gem. It covers some of the best things to do! Are you looking for a more extensive travel guide or travel plan to Cuba? Check out my 10-day Cuba itinerary. For now, let’s dive into the best 8 experiences in Cuba!


What came to mind first for me when thinking of Cuba, were the typical and stunning cars old Cuban cars. You’ll run into them in different cities and places in Cuba, however, the streets in Havana made it mainly memorable. Along the Malecon, several spots offer you a little tour through Havana in such a car. A Cuban Experience you can’t miss. Want to get in the vibe already? This song marks the car ride for me. 

Havana, Cuba Itinerary
Havana, Cuba Itinerary


One of my personal favourite experiences was horseback riding through the beautiful nature of Viñales. We went on a 4-hour horseback riding tour with a guide who brought us to different beautiful locations such as caves and tobacco farms (for which Viñales is best known). The guide described the horse as ‘semi-automatico’, which meant – he will follow and you don’t have to ride actively. Safest for everyone, in my case. 

Vinales, Cuba Itinerary
Vinales, Cuba Itinerary - Horse back riding - A cuban experience you can't miss

3 || SMOKE A cuban CIGAR (only to experience when in cuba)

Cuban cigars are internationally popular and one of the main export items of Cuba. They are rolled from dried tobacco leaves that can be found in for example the Viñales area. I definitely won’t motivate you to go smoking – however, trying a famous Cuban cigar is a fun experience when visiting Cuba. 

Smoking a cigar in Cuba, Cuban Experience
Cigars in Cuba, Vinales - A real Cuban experience


This picture is taken during the day and unfortunately, I have no images available at night time – however, that is even better! At night, the main square and stairs in Trinidad will be packed with both locals and tourists enjoying some cocktails and music. At the several bars located around the square, you can get a mojito to go. Just find your seat or place somewhere on the square, take in the vibe and enjoy your night! Next to that, enjoying a Mojito can be done anywhere in Cuba. One of the other famous products from Cuba is rum and where to better enjoy a good mojito than at its source. 

Mojito oMojito on the stairs in Trinidad - Cuban Experiencen the stairs in Trinidad

5 || GO (or watch) SALSA DANCING

Salsa! A great dance and just watching the Cubans dance this with each other with the amazing skills they have is something that made an impression. I would have loved to take a day or two to practice some salsa skills myself and be able to join in. However, I remember a great night we had in Viñales where we just were sipping from our drinks and enjoying the ‘performance’. This great place to go is called Polo Montanez.

6 || BIKING to playa ancon from LA BOCA

Spending a night in La Boca was one of my favourite bits of our 10-day Cuba Itinerary. From La Boca, you can easily bike to Playa Ancon to spend a day on the beach. We were able to rent our bikes at the accommodation we stayed, as biking around is quite a usual thing to do here! 

Cuban Experience - Biking in La Boca, Trinidad, Cuba
Cuban Experience - Biking in La Boca, Trinidad, Cuba

7 || DANCE and party in A CAVE IN TRINIDAD

When in Trinidad, you can head to Club Ayala after you’ve spent some time at the stairs in Trinidad. It is a 20/30 minute walk from Trinidad’s ‘city centre’. However, you’ll find some stands selling you a Mojito on the way. The cave is the perfect opportunity to discover Cuban nightlife. Don’t expect house music, when I was there they focus on Cuban music and dance salsa. A great experience! 

Cave bar - Club Ayala - Trinidad, Cuba


Lastly, an experience you must have is to learn more about the impressive Cuban history by visiting at least the Museum of the Revolution located in Havana (in the former presidential palace). 


8 Cuban Experiences you can't miss when visiting Cuba


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