Kotor Travel Guide, the Pearl of Montenegro

A Balkan highlight: Kotor Travel guide, the pearl of montenegro

Halfway through our 6-week Balkan Trip (read all about the itinerary we followed here) we settled down in Kotor for 6 days. The plan was to use Kotor as a fall-out base for Montenegro, do some hiking, and overall, relax a little bit longer at the same location instead of packing your bags every second day. We indeed managed to see some different bits of Montenegro and discover other beach towns such as Tivat and Budva. However, of those places, Kotor is the most beautiful. In this Kotor Travel Guide, I share the best things to do and see in Kotor as well as the best bars and restaurants in Kotor, concluding with the best hotels and apartments to stay! 

- The best things to do and see in kotor -

1 || Hike up the Kotor Fortress / castle of san giovanni

The first sight to mention in this Kotor Travel Guide is the Kotor Fortress, which is the main sight of Kotor anyways. The view is stunning! It is quite a climb, which means it is best to take this hike early in the morning or when the sun is starting to set as it can be hot. Don’t forget decent shoes (make sure they are not slippery), a bottle of water, and your photo camera. Entry fees have been introduced and have been rising due to the increased popularity of the hike – the latest status is that this ‘adventure’ will cost you €8. A small indication, the way up contains over 1300 steps. Therefore, don’t take the hike too lightly, and feel prepared. If you want to, you can combine this with hiking the Ladder of Kotor. We didn’t do that, but I do regret that now. Let’s move on to some pictures to show the beauty I’m talking about! 

Entrance to the Kotor Fortress
Entrance to the Kotor Fortress
Kotor Fortress, Montenegro
Kotor walls, Kotor Fortress
Overview of Kotor, Kotor Fortress
Views from Kotor Fortress
Views from the pearl of Kotor
Overview of Kotor, Kotor Fortress
Flag of Montenegro
Kotor views from above, Montenegro
Kotor Fortress views, Montenegro

2 || discover the bay of kotor

During our time in Kotor, our guesthouse was located near the water and I could recommend that! I loved sitting at one of the restaurants at the bay since you get a summer and holiday vibe straight away. Thereby, I had the feeling that drinks and food were slightly cheaper in this part of Kotor. Either way, definitely have a stroll along the water and discover the bay itself. If you want to relax, make sure you find your accommodation at the bay of Kotor, like we did (click here for our amazing apartment).

Cruise ship in the bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Overview of the Bay of Kotor
Cruise ship in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

3 || Explore kotor old town

I saw Kotor as two different parts, the bay, and the old town. The old town is known for the squares, old buildings, little alleys, and green window shields. Take your time to stroll around and discover every corner of the old town including the nice bars and restaurants. There are also walking tours running that can show you all the different sights in the old town. A perfect starting point to make your way through Kotor is the Clock Tower on the square, where also most shops are located.

Colorful overview of Kotor, Old Town
Colorful overview of Kotor, Old Town
Little alleys in Kotor
Kotor Old Town Overview
View on different Buildings in Kotor
Kotor Buildings and Nature
Kotor City Views - Green Windows
View on different Buildings in Kotor

4 || hike the vrmac ridge towards tivat

If you’re ready for some adventure and you feel like a hike, take a day to hike the Vrmac Ridge towards Tivat. You’ll read a full hiking report and everything you need to know in this Kotor to Tivat Hiking Guide.

Hiking from Kotor to Tivat over de Vrmac Ridge, Montenegro
View from Vrmac Ridge, Montenegro

5 || Take a day tour to explore montenegro and visit lady of the rocks

One of the main sights around Kotor is Perast and the Lady of the Rocks. From the bay, there are several boats you can arrange to visit the places on different tours, such as this one and this one.

What we did during our stay in Kotor is book a one-day Montenegro tour to experience different stunning locations in Montenegro – where one of the stops rewarded us with a view of the before mentioned places. Check out more about the full tour we did to explore the North of Montenegro here.

Perast and Lady of the Rocks, Kotor

-The best bars and restaurants in kotor-

Part of this Kotor City Guide should of course cover the food and drinks you can have while visiting the Pearl of Montenegro. I’ll share some of the places we’ve visited and I would advise you to visit. 

|| Letrika Caffe bar

Stories about the place are mixed, but in the end, it is one of the only bars in Kotor suitable for drinks later in the evening. It is slightly hidden in the old town. 

|| City restaurant

The name probably gives part of it away, but this place is located in the city center (old town). They serve some international food such as pizzas but also cover a range of local specialties. 

|| cafe del mare

This place at the bay is great for seafood. We went here for lunch to eat loads of mussels (you’ll find them quite a bit around Kotor!). A recommendation when you are looking for a seafood place.

|| che nova

Another location at the bay, where I did like the vibe best from the different bars and restaurants located in this area. We spend a full day here, having drinks and reading a book, but we also settled down a couple of times when heading back from the old town in the evening or when wanting to go for a drink in the evening. 

|| Search for some vranac wines

The first thing we heard about entering our guest house was “Pro Corde” – a wine made of Vranac grapes and something they are proud of. If you are looking for some good wine while in Montenegro – look out for this grape. There are different places in Kotor where they do focus on wine, such as the “Old Winery”, “Mon Ami” (located on the same street), or Bokun. 

Kotor City Views - Green Windows

- Best hotels and apartments in kotor -

Unfortunately, the hotel where we stayed when in Kotor has been closing down. Below, you will find the Best Hotels and Apartments in Kotor for your stay! I have highlighted the place to stay where I believe you get most value for money. 

Luxury hotels in Kotor

Posto Capitano C Group provides apartments with a private pool and can be booked in high season for about €180 per night. For this price, you can book an apartment suitable for 4 adults.

Hotel Vardar is a luxury hotel in Kotor’s Old Town and is located right at the main square, with beautiful rooms overlooking the square and Kotor’s beauty. the rooms themselves are also beautiful. You can book a room for €200 a night in high season

Courtesy to Posto Capitano C Group, Booking.com

Mid-range hotels in Kotor

An amazing place in Kotor Old Town is D & Sons Apartments. Beautiful and neat rooms with a balcony overlooking the surroundings. You can book this place for €75 a night.

My top pick: Apartments Casa Delone: A little bit further out from Kotor’s Old Town, but such an amazing place. With beautiful rooms and a swimming pool with views over the Bay of Kotor, I can’t imagine that people wouldn’t want to stay here. All this for only €60 a night. 

Courtesy to Apartments Casa Delone, Booking.com

Budget hotels in Kotor

On the “other side” of the bay, you will find Apartments Vila Marija. As the other side of the bay is way less popular, this reflects in the prices. Prices are very dependent on the time of year and range from €20 to €120 a night. 

Studios Kono is the best budget hotel on this list, as they offer rooms – even in high season – from €60 a night. Located very close to the old town, this is a perfect location to spend your time in Kotor.

Courtesy to Apartments Vila Marija, Booking.com


Kotor City Guide, the Pearl of Montenegro


Kotor Travel Guide, The Pearl of Montenegro


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