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Bucket list experiences: Top 10 things to do in Jordan

Whether you are planning your trip to Jordan, or you are seeking inspiration, getting an initial idea of a country is always quite daunting. Jordan is a fascinating country that offers a wide variety of great experiences for travellers that should have a place on your bucket list. From ancient ruins and world-famous landmarks to natural wonders and off-the-beaten-track destinations, there’s no shortage of things to do in Jordan. I have compiled a list of the top 10 things to do in Jordan to help you plan your trip. Are you looking for a day-by-day overview including all these experiences? Check out my 12-day itinerary to Jordan here. Jordan, a middle eastern country, has something to offer for everyone. So, let’s dive in and discover the best experiences and the top 10 things to do that this amazing country has to offer!

1 || Visit Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world

This won’t be of any surprise, but visiting Petra can’t miss in the top 10 things to do in Jordan. You will need two days at least to explore this UNESCO heritage site with famous land marks such as The Treasury and The Monastery, or hike up to beautiful Treasury View Points.

Jordan Photo Guide: Petra
Jordan through breathtaking pictures: Petra

2 || Visit petra through the back entrance

Visiting Petra is one thing, however, when you are spending two days in Petra, one of the not to miss experiences is to visit Petra through the more local back door. After a 1,5 hour hike, you will arrive at the stunning Monastery. Furthermore, during the hike, you have the chance to admire some great views over the stunning Jordan landscapes. Click here for the full trail report on the back door to Petra.

Walk back to the Siq from the Monastery
Monastery in Petra, How to spend 2 days in Petra, Jordan

3 || Float on the dead sea

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and is famous for its high salt concentration and minerals, offering a therapeutical treatment when floating on the dead sea. When in Jordan, you can’t miss out on a good float on the water. Furthermore, you should check out the salt flat viewpoints along the route, which could have been a separate experience in this top 10 things to do in Jordan, guide. Read everything you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea here.

Floating in the Dead Sea, Jordan
Explore the Salt Flats at the Dead Sea, Jordan

4 || Watch the sunset in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a vast red desert wilderness in southern Jordan, with spectacular rock formations and sand dunes. When in Wadi Rum you should definitely stay for the night in a Bedouin camp and take the 4-hour afternoon jeep tour to explore this amazing place to the fullest. Wadi Rum is the location where Mars meets Jordan. Next to that, the sunsets in Wadi Rum are amazing! Read everything you need to know about Wadi Rum in my full travel guide. 

The most amazing sunset in Wadi Rum
Sunset in Wadi Rum, Jordan

5 || Visit Jerash: Pompei of the east

Jerash is a well-preserved Roman city located in northern Jordan, which can be easily visited as a day trip from Amman. If you would like to arrive early and beat the crowds, it is best to book your accommodation in Jerash like we did. When in Jerash, you can explore the ancient ruins, including the Temple of Artemis, the Hippodrome, and the Forum. This photographic travel guide gives a great impression of what to expect when visiting Jerash.

Sheep herder in Jerash, Jordan
Guide to Jerash, Jordan

6 || Drive the king's highway and visit the desert castles

Driving the King’s Highway in Jordan is an experience in itself. This highway leads from Jerash / Madeba to Petra and is full of switchbacks and beautiful viewpoints over the canyons. Along the way, you will find multiple castles located in the desert, with Karak castle being the most famous one. If you are looking for speed, you can better opt for driving the Desert Highway. However, on any occasion driving a smaller part of the King’s highway is one of the top 10 things to do in Jordan. My King’s Highway guide provides you with an overview of the best stops along the route, such as Mount Nebo.

Wadi Mujib Viewpoint, King's Highway in Jordan
Mount Nebo, King's Highway, Jordan

7 || VIsit amman, Jordan's capital

Even though there might be some countries where you best skip the capital, you can’t miss Amman when in Jordan. Amman is home to many experiences you can’t miss when in Jordan, such as the Citadel, Rainbow Road and the Roman Theater. If you want to learn a bit more about the country, definitely also visit the Jordan History Museum. My 24 hours in Amman guide gives you a comprehensive overview of what to see and do in Amman in a limited time. 

Jordan Photography Guide: Amman
Views over Amman, City Guide, Jordan

8 || indulge the local food (At Hashem)

Jordan offers plenty of amazing sites, culture and nature. However, what is a holiday or a trip without any good food. When in Jordan, definitely enjoy the local food, such as falafel and hummus. Another Jordan speciality is Mansaf, a dish with lamb and yoghurt sauce. One of the best places to experience local food is at Hashem in Amman. 

Hashem Restaurant, Amman, Jordan
Hashem Restaurant, Amman, Jordan

9 || Hike the Wadi Ghuweir trail in Dana Nature Reserve

Seeking for some nature? The best place to go is the Dana Nature Reserve, from where there are a couple of hikes you can do. The Dana trail is the best-known one, however, I would advise you to opt for the Wadi Ghuweir trail. It might be a bit more expensive to arrange a guide and transportation, but hiking in Wadi Ghuweir might have been my top thing to do in Jordan! Read my full hiking report on Wadi Ghuweir here.

Wadi Ghuweir Trail, Jordan
Wadi Ghuweir Trail, Dana, Jordan

10 || Bath in the ma'in Hot springs and visit wadi Mujib

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to hike and swim in Wadi Mujib as generally, the Wadi Mujib trail only opens mid to late April. However, this was high on our top things to do in the Jordan list. Another option, as a day trip from the Dead Sea, you can visit the Ma’in Hot Springs. As you need to pay an entrance fee and can only use the visitor hot springs, I would advise spending a night at the Ma’in Hot Springs to enjoy the full experience. 

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Top 10 things to do in Jordan, bucket list and local experiences


Top 10 things to do in Jordan, bucket list and local experiences