Visit magnificent Lake Bled, a Travel Guide


This Lake Bled Travel Guide informs you about one of the most famous places in Slovenia and gained a lot of attention in the last couple of years. The picture-perfect lake with the church in the middle is the perfect place to relax and is definitely something you can’t miss when visiting Slovenia. Discover the surroundings or get active on the lake by renting a small boat to visit the church on the little island. Lake Bled can be found on around 30 minutes of Ljubljana airport (and therefore great to combine with a visit to Ljubljana). Visiting Lake Bled was part of our 5-6 week Balkan itinerary. 



A walk around the entire lake will last around 1 to 1,5 hour. You will have the opportunity to view the island in the middle of the lake from all sides and every side will impress you again. Take your swim wear and enjoy the water when you are half way (assuming you start from the side with the majority of accommodation). You also don’t have to worry, as there are different places that allow you to freshen up with something to eat or drink. 

Boats at Lake Bled
Magnificent Lake Bled, a Travel Guide
A picture-perfect lake, Lake Bled - Slovenia
Lake Bled, a travel guide to Slovenia
The famous Lake Bled, Slovenia


Seeing the lake from above is something you can’t miss when in Bled and visiting the viewpoint will guarantee you with great pictures. The hike took us around 30 minutes and was rather easy to find. From near the road, there are signs of where to go. Ojstrica, the one pin pointed on the map, is the view point we visited and gives you the views below. The other viewpoint to visit is Mala Osojnica.
Views over Lake Bled from Ojstrica Viewpoint
Views over Lake Bled from Ojstrica Viewpoint
Lake Bled, a travel guide to Slovenia
Lake Bled, a travel guide to Slovenia


This Lake Bled Travel guide reaches further than Bled, because Vintgar Gorge can’t be missed! As far as I am aware, there are busses that will get you to Vintgar Gorge. However, it is definitely possible to walk there, which is around 6 km. For us, getting there was almost the highlight of the full experience! Google Maps works perfectly. We took the road that starts behind Bled Castle. 


!! Definitely have a drink in one of the villages you pass on the way! Even though you just walk for a couple of km’s, you will be in a more remote and less touristic area, which gives a different experience. We had a drink in Podham.

4. Bled castle

On top of the hill, you’ll find Bled Castle. We didn’t visit because of the price, but the views on the place are great. This picture is taken from Pub Bled – so great views from there are guaranteed. 

Lake Bled Castle, Slovenia


Bled Cake

1. Bled Cream Cake (Kremšnita)

Something you will only find in Bled is the famous Bled Cream Cake. We weren’t able to finish the huge piece of cake we got, but it tasted well! You can never miss out on culture, especially not when culture equals sweets. From stories, the most famous cake you can find at Hotel Park, we however, consumed the cream cake at Vila Preseren, a hotel with cafe with lake views. 


One of the most famous restaurants around Lake Bled is Pizzeria Rustika, and for a reason. Pizzas are delicious, and the toppings might interest you, as we had the one and only nacho cheese pizza. Sounds horrific, but actually tasted very good. If you want to be sure of a spot, pop by in the afternoon to make a reservation for the evening. Enjoy your pizza on the nice outside terrace. 

3. Oštarija Babji zob

This is another restaurant we visited, with both an inside and outside area available, they specialise in Slovenian dishes mainly based on fish and meat. 


Bled isn’t a major night life or bar location, but don’t underestimate it as bar crawls are organised. 2 of the evenings, we went for an after-dinner drink to Pub Bled, which gives you views on the lake and the castle. Great when the sun is setting.


We stayed in a lovely little guesthouse/hostel called Garden House. We had our own little double room, with shared toilet and bathroom that were all very neat. Outside, there was a little relaxation area where you could get nice craft beers. We stayed here for around €60 per night.

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We enjoyed our stay to the fullest, but to give a full overview, I would like to give some potential recommendations we haven’t seen, but I’ve heard or read they are worth visiting and therefore should be included in this Lake Bled Travel Guide.


Lake Bohinj is the quieter and bigger lake close to Lake Bled. It lies 26 km south west of Lake Bled and is famous for its clear water and nice surroundings. 


Camping Bled provides little glamping huts with your own jacuzzi. It is slightly more expensive than the average accommodation, but it would have been a nice experience. 


Lake Bled Travel Guide


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The famous Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, a travel guide to Slovenia
Views over Lake Bled from Ojstrica Viewpoint
Magnificent Lake Bled, a Travel Guide
Boats at Lake Bled