10 reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan right now!

The main 10 reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan right now

Are you searching for a fresh, off-the-beaten-path adventure destination? Look no further than Kyrgyzstan. Located in Central Asia, this hidden gem is bursting with natural beauty, rich culture, and unique experiences that will make your holiday unforgettable. Not yet convinced or doubting whether this is THE destination for your next trip? Here are the top 10 reasons why you should visit Kyrgyzstan right now.

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1 || The lack of mass-tourism

If you are into travelling and seek off-the-beaten-track travel destinations, Kyrgyzstan is the place for you. Over the past years, I saw many friends travelling to more untouched destinations and countries like Georgia increased in popularity. However, if you want to escape the crowds, Kyrgyzstan is your perfect destination. Due to the limited facilities and because many have not even heard of the country, fewer tourists visit Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, you’ll have many of the stunning locations all to yourself.

Kok Kiya Valley, Yurt Toilets, Kyrgyzstan

2 || The untouched natural beauty

Kyrgyzstan is a paradise for nature lovers. When I was asked why I was travelling to Kyrgyzstan, my main answer was: “Because of the emptiness”. With its towering mountains, large valleys and beautiful mountain lakes, the landscape is still untouched by modern development. Also, there is no phone reception at many places you’ll travel to and even showers can’t be found.

3 || The amazing 4-day hike to Ala Kul

One of the key things to do in Kyrgyzstan is the multi-day hike to Ala Kul. In 4 days, you’ll ascend to around 3500 meters for the final view over the Ala Kul lake. During the 4 days of hiking, you’ll explore many different landscapes and sleep in tents at unique places. One of the days, we even slept in a tent in the snow!

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4 || One of the most beautiful lakes you'll ever see: Kel Suu

We spent around 14-days in Kyrgyzstan, which allowed us to visit multiple locations. However, Kel Suu – located in the Kok Kiya Valley – was my favourite destination. A 9-kilometre hike takes you from the valley to the unique mountain lake Kel Suu. Beautiful mountains surround the crystal blue lake. A truly unique view. Can you believe these pictures are barely edited?

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5 || Experience staying in a yurt

Experience the nomadic lifestyle firsthand by staying in a traditional yurt. Many Kyrgyz families open their homes to travellers, offering a glimpse into their lives and a unique place to stay. When staying in a yurt, expect a large set of wool blankets and stay warm (well, in some yurts, because you have to prepare for the cold nights) by the stove in the yurt. Before you go to bed, someone will add wood every hour to help you stay warm at night. 

6 || The contrast in climates

Kyrgyzstan offers a fascinating contrast in climates that adds to its charm. For instance, the serene and relatively warm climate of Issyk-Kul Lake is a strong contrast with the cooler alpine lake Ala-Kul. Additionally, you can explore the unique Fairytale Canyon (Skazka Canyon) with its colorful rock formations in comparison to the green valleys and snowy peaks surrounding it. Especially because Kyrgyzstan is a relatively small country, you can experience this diversity in a short timeframe.

7 || The cultural heritage: The Silk Road & Eagle Hunting

Kyrgyzstan was a key stop on the ancient Silk Road, and its history is still alive today. You can for example visit Tash Rabat, historic mosques and multiple bazaars. Furthermore, near the Fairytale Canyon, you can experience a demonstration of eagle hunting. 

8 || The unique nomadic culture

The nomadic lifestyle is still very much alive in Kyrgyzstan. As already mentioned, you can experience this lifestyle by staying in a traditional yurt. Sheep and yaks surround many of the yurts where families stay. Also, due to the cold winters, the nomadic families leave to warmer areas with their animals when the winter starts. A unique culture to experience and learn more about when at the yurt camps.

9 || Horseback riding brings you to the most wonderful places

Even though you might not be an experienced horseback rider, exploring Kyrgyzstan by horse is a unique experience. In total, we did a horseback riding trip for 2 days. It shows you part of the local culture while you have the opportunity to explore the unique landscape using a way of transport not common during the average holiday.

10 || The Soviet History in Bishkek

A visit to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, offers a fascinating glimpse into the country’s Soviet past. Soviet-era architecture and expansive public squares and monuments mark the city. Don’t miss Ala-Too Square, where you can see the changing of the guard, and Victory Square, with its imposing Victory Monument.  Wandering through Bishkek, you’ll find a unique blend of Soviet history and modern Kyrgyz culture (you can even find craft beer bars in town!) making it an interesting stop during your trip.

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10 reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan right now | Travel Guide Kyrgyzstan


10 reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan right now | Travel Guide Kyrgyzstan