5 reasons to visit Tirana, Albania

why go to albania's capital? here are 5 reasons to visit tirana, including the best bars and restaurants.

Tirana, the capital during my 5-6 week Balkan trip surprised me the most. Tirana was the city where we ended our tour and where we flew back from. The capital you can’t miss when creating your Albania travel plan. There are plenty of reasons why you should pay a visit to this quirky capital. I don’t like using the word quirky that much, but it suits Tirana very well in my opinion. A city full of history, a city with an interesting culture but also a city with an amazing cafe and bar culture that you can’t miss out on. This walking tour could help you to explore Tirana and learn about the city. These are my 5 reasons to visit Tirana, Albania including some of the best bars and restaurants to visit in Tirana.

1 || Learn about the impressive history at bunk'art 1 & bunk'art 2

Albania might not be the highest on everyone’s list, probably also because of its history. The best way to learn more about it and a must-do when visiting Tirana is to visit Bunk’Art. Bunk’Art explains parts of Albania’s history, in different rooms within a bunker. After some reasons, I found that Bunk’Art1 was the most elaborate and impressive one. The first Bunk’Art is located a bit out of the city centre and therefore harder to reach. Bunk’Art2 is located near Skanderbeg Square and therewith very central. As we had enough time, we decided to take a bus (busses leave behind Skanderbeg square, where you can find Bunk’Art 2) and walk the way back. The walk back took us about an hour but allowed us to also see less touristic neighbourhoods of Tirana. With a drink on a rooftop bar we passed by and some pizza (at Pizza House), walking was a good decision. 

Bunk Art'1, Tirana, Albania
Bunk Art'1, Tirana, Albania
Bus to Bunk'r 1 Tirana, Albania

2 || visit the skanderbeg square, a 40.000m2 large square

The Skanderbeg Square is the main square of Tirana, and it is big! The National History Museum is located on the square and it’s a great place to observe the city.

Skanderbeg Square, National History Museum, Tirana, Albania
Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania
Skanderbeg Square, Tirana, Albania

3 || Visit kolonat, the albanian mcdonalds

Okay, I didn’t like the food here (and I have to admit I do like Mcdonald’s). An interesting fact about Albania is that you won’t find any Mcdonald’s. The “Kolonat” is their replacement. The whole concept matches, just with a different name. 

Kolonat, 5 reasons to visit Tirana, Albania

4 || Climb the pyramid (OR JUST ADMIRE IT)

You’ll find the Pyramid of Tirana close to Skanderbeg Square. The Pyramid is seen as one of the main sights of Tirana. The pyramid has been used as a museum, nightclub and a temporary base for NATO. Many different purposes. Right now it is mainly used to climb, not without risk as it is VERY steep. They are also redesigning the pyramid to become more fancy looking and include some stairs. 

Pyramid of Tirana, 5 things to do, Albania
Tirana Pyramid, Albania
Tirana Pyramid, Albania
Tirana Pyramid, Albania

5 || ENJOY THE MANY BARS IN FOR EXAMPLE blloku, a quirky neighbourhood

This fifth reason can be split into 2. 
First, you have to visit Blloku, the modern neighbourhood of Tirana, where you’ll find many amazing bars and restaurants. That fact already leads to the second reason to visit Albania, the bar culture is amazing. There are so many great places to be found!

The best restaurants in Tirana:

– Head to SALT for an amazing meal (lunch or dinner). Don’t forget to make a reservation. LOVED the food.
– We had some great breakfast (smoothy bowls) at the Funky Moustache, a very hip location that becomes a bar later during the day.
Mulliri I Vjeter is a coffee shop/bakery that can be found all around Tirana. A safe choice for a cup of coffee and a snack.

The best bars in Tirana

– Let’s start with probably the most popular one, which is called Radio Bar. Located in Blloku and is a must-visit. During the day it is rather quiet, but in the evening it can become a real party. (pictured left)
– Another favourite is Komiteti Kafe which is styled as a museum and located near the Pyramid. Perfect for a drink. (pictured right)
You, Me & Bukowski is a bar with a large terrace, perfect for enjoying some late summer night cocktails
– DaDa is another favourite! You feel like sitting in a garden, covered with trees and amazing drinks.
– Nouvelle Vague is one of the places that was completely packed, every time we passed by in the evening. In the end, we went on a late afternoon. Highly recommended!
– Biss Lounge is also located in Blloku and you could spend all day here. They serve lovely coffee and cold drinks. 

Bar Radio Cafe, Tirana, Albania
Komiteti Kafe Muzeum, Tirana, Albania

Have these 5 reasons to visit Tirana convinced you to head to the capital of Albania? I hope so! Don’t forget to check out the complete 2-week Albania Itinerary when you do so.

Also, if you have a bit more time, why not explore the surroundings. You could for example check out the Gamti Mountain Hike. 


5 reasons to visit Tirana, Albania


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