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One of the greatest boat rides in Europe: A Lake Koman Ferry Ride Guide

The Lake Koman Ferry ride is one of the greatest boat rides in Europe. This ferry takes you from Koman to Fierze (only a 20-minute drive away from Valbona) and takes around 3 hours. The nearest city is Shkodra and this boat ride is the best route to get to the start of a perfect day hike through the Accursed Mountains. Are you ready for a full Lake Koman Ferry Ride Guide?


how to get to Lake koman

We took a car to Lake Koman that we arranged with a travel agency in Shkodra (Tourist Information at North of Albania Travel – you can find the trip here). We got picked up early in the morning to be sure to arrive in Koman on time for the ferry. The ride is quite bumpy so be prepared! There are two different ferry companies (Berisha and Dragobia, but Berisha is recommended as the boat is bigger) and boats generally go once a day per company. We took the 9 am ferry, which was perfect. Even though, this destination and the ferry ride are quite off the beaten track, the boats are small so they don’t fit too many passengers. Therefore, I would advise you to buy your tickets upfront. Berisha also offers package deals on their website where transport to the harbour is included. More information and tickets can be found here. Importantly, don’t forget to buy tickets upfront to be sure of your place on the boat. Furthermore, it is also possible to do a round trip on a day, if you would like to experience the Lake Koman Ferry Ride, but aren’t into the Valbona to Theth hike, with which the ferry ride is best combined. In my opinion, the 3-day circle of Shkodra, Lake Koman, Valbona, and Theth Shkodra is the best way to discover the North of Albania.

The lake koman ferry ride with Berisha

The ferry runs daily from April to October and I would advise visiting in the summer months. The ferry ride takes around 2,5 to 3 hours and only costs you €6 per person for a single fare. There is room for a couple of cars on the car deck of the boat and upstairs there is room for other passengers. Next to that, there is a toilet on board (thank god, for a 2.5-hour ride) and they sell a couple of small snacks. However, be aware, even during the hot summer months it can be pretty chilly, especially in the early morning so bring something warm! 

Harbour at Koman, Albania
Boats and cars at Koman
The boat / ferry to ride Lake Koman
Lake Koman Boat

Let's start the photographic part of this lake koman ferry ride guide

Since pictures say more than 1000 worth, the only way to show/tell why you should experience this ferry ride is through pictures. You’ll pass Georges that are comparable to the Norwegian Fjords and the scenery is just stunning. One thing is sure, you’ll be making pictures throughout the entire trip.

Lake Koman, Albania
Lake Koman, Albania
House at Lake Koman, Albania
Fjords of Lake Koman
Lake Koman views, Albania
Ferry Boat trip over Lake Koman
Photos at Lake Koman, Albania
Lake Koman Guide, Stunning Views
Lake Koman Guide, North Albania
A guide to Lake Koman
Lake Koman Guide, Stunning Views
Albanian flag at the Koman boat
Boatride over Lake Koman, North Albania
Lake Koman Views
North Albania views of Koman
Lake Koman Views

the end of the Lake koman ferry ride guide

Hell of a ride wasn’t it? By the time we arrived in Fierze, we were flabbergasted by all the beauty we saw. Fortunately, the travel company we booked the ‘trip’ with arranged a car to pick us up at the other end and brought us to Hotel Rilindja in Valbona, our base for the Valbona to Theth hike. 

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Lake Koman Ferry Ride Guide


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