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A travel guide on visiting the 12 best towns in Asturias

Welcome to the first travel blog in a series about Asturias. First of all, I can tell you that Asturias is a highly underrated region in northern Spain that beckons with its stunning landscapes, historic charm, and warm hospitality. This travel guide invites you to embark on a memorable journey through the 12 best towns in Asturias that capture the essence of this enchanting region. Next to that, the beaches, mountains and lush national parks are well worth exploring. Therefore, I recommend a 7-day visit to Asturias to visit all the towns in this travel guide and explore the region.

However, make sure to visit Asturias in the high season/shoulder season for the towns to be most lively. Many bars and restaurants will close their doors in winter. When travelling to Asturias and visiting these 12 best towns in Asturias, I highly recommend renting a car. Fortunately, car rental in the north of Spain is relatively inexpensive and in most towns there are plenty of opportunities for free parking.

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Travel Guide Summary: Best towns in Asturias

Cudillero, The most beautiful town in Asturias, North of Spain

The best villages to explore in Asturias

1. Luarca

2. Llanes

3. Cudillero

4. Ribedasella

5. Lastres

6. La Arenas de Cabrales

7. Sotres

8. Bulnes

9. Tazones

10. Aviles

11. Gijon

12. Oviedo

1 || Luarca

Discover the whimsical beauty of Luarca, a gem along the Asturian coast, located in the west of the region. Firstly, Luarca is a great base for your explorations of the region’s western part. Although many tourists decide to stay in Cudillero, I highly recommend Luarca due to the lower prices and decent restaurants. Furthermore, Luarca is famous for its picturesque harbour, colourful houses, and charming lighthouse, Luarca offers a serene escape by the sea. Lastly, there is a fun beer bar and the most amazing bakery called Confiteria Ancomar, where you can enjoy breakfast and a sweet.

Don’t forget to visit the Mirador del Faro de Luarca when in Luarca. Also, great restaurants are La Farola de Luarca and La Perla Negra. Afterwards, end the night with a craft beer at Cerveceria Mont Blanc.

Where to stay in Luarca

Hotel Villa de Luarca (around €65 in shoulder season) or Hotel Baltico (around €70)

Luarca, Beautiful Seaside town in Asturias
Luarca, Beautiful Seaside town in Asturias

2 || Llanes

Another favourite town of mine. Llanes enchants visitors with its charming old town, medieval architecture, and its beautiful harbour. Furthermore, it is the perfect location for gastronomy at local eateries, including Siderias. On top of that, Llanes is the perfect place to stay as your fall-out base in the east of Asturias. Although many visitors decide to stay in Ribedasella, I liked Llanes way better and I also believe there are more options for food and drinks.

When in Llanes, you can’t miss out on the famous Sideria La Amistad. Furthermore, you can enjoy dinner at for example Cavadonga (cheap 3-course meal), Tapas & Arte, El Chibiski, El Balamu or Bohemia.

Where to stay in Llanes

My ultimate recommendation is to stay at Apartamentos Calle Mayor 23, which has the most amazing view for around €110 per night for an apartment. Alternatively, you can stay at Don Paco (€130), Miraolas (€120) or Hotel La Palma de Llanes (€135).

However, it seemed that the prices increased, which might happen closer to the date. In September 2023, we paid less than €100 a night for all our accommodations.

Llanes, The best apartment view in Asturias
Pooring Sidra in Asturias, Llanes

|| Cudillero

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colours of Cudillero, a quaint fishing village with a lively harbour. Furthermore, you can climb to the viewpoint for panoramic views at Mirador de la Garita, and savor seafood in one of the many family-run restaurants. When in Cudillero, a great restaurant to settle down for some seafood is Casa Julio. Alternatively, you can head a bit further out of the old town to Restaurante El Pescador or Aparcar cerca de Cudillero (for the biggest steak you’ve ever seen).

The best places to stay in Cudillero

Hotel Sol de la Blanca (€90), Apartementos La Casa del Pintor (€145) or La Casona de Pio (€105)

Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias
Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias
Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias
Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias
Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias
Cudillero, a beautiful harbour town in Asturias


Ribadesella is, next to Cudillero, one of the most popular towns in Asturias. Even though it’s cute and has a nice view over the water, I must admit I wasn’t too impressed. Therefore, I would recommend heading to Ribadesella for lunch (for example at Ristorante Arbidel) and a quick stroll around town.

Where to stay in Ribadesella

Don Pepe Ria (€160) or Hotel Verdermar (€170)

Ribedasella, Asturias
Ribedasella, Asturias

5 || Lastres

Even though the village of Lastres is nothing too special, the views over Lastres from the San Roque Viewpoint are unmatched. Therefore, a visit to this picturesque town and bay is well worth it. Honestly, this might have been one of my favourite views in Asturias.

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Lastres, San Roque Viewpoint, Beautiful bays in Asturias

6 || La Arenas de Cabrales

La Arenas de Cabrales is especially worth visiting as it is the perfect town to stay exploring the Picos de Europa region. Even though there aren’t many things to do, there are still some lovely restaurants to eat and have, no surprise, a Sidra. When in town, I recommend Chigre L’ Orbayu for the Cachopo (a huge Cordon Bleu) and Cafe Bar Los Guias for the famous blue cheese from the Picos region.


Hotel Picos de Europa (my top pick!, €135), Hotel Torrecerredo (€110), Arcea Mirador de Cabrales (€70)

Arenas de Cabrales, the perfect base in Picos de Europa
Arenas de Cabrales, the perfect base in Picos de Europa

7 || Sotres

Sotres is a cute mountain village that can be reached from Arenas de Cabrales and any other point in Picos de Europa. It is best to head to Sostres by car, and from here, multiple hikes can be made. Also, it is the highest town in Asturias. The drive here is amazing, and also if you are not fond of hiking, it is a nice ride up here and the perfect place to enjoy a drink.

Sotres, the highest town of Asturias and a beautiful mountain town
Sotres, the highest town of Asturias and a beautiful mountain town
Sotres, the highest town of Asturias and a beautiful mountain town
Sotres, the highest town of Asturias and a beautiful mountain town

8 || Bulnes

Bulnes is a bit harder to reach, however, if you have the time, this can be a great experience. From Poncebos, there is a funicular that takes you up to Bulnes, a small town with only 30 inhabitants. Alternatively, you can hike up to Bulnes from Poncebos, which takes about 1,5 hours for a stretch of 4 kilometres. If you want to enjoy a great view, sit down at Bar Mirador.

9 || Tazones

Tazones is a cute little fisherman’s town located near Lastres. It’s even smaller than some of the villages mentioned in this the best towns in Asturias overview. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to also visit Tazones, however, if time allows it is a nice village to stroll around.

10 || Aviles

Avilés seamlessly blends its industrial heritage with contemporary art and design. You can wander through the historic old town, sip espresso on the main and vibrant square and enjoy the architecture. It’s a great place if you want to explore more city vibes without going all in towards Gijon or Oviedo.

Aviles main square, city in Asturias
Aviles main square, city in Asturias

11 || Gijon

Embrace the coastal charm of Gijón, Asturias’ largest city. Stroll along picturesque beaches (if you park at the parking garage near the beach, the elevator opens with beach views!), explore the historic fishing district of Cimavilla (the pier), and visit cultural hotspots like the Revillagigedo Palace. In my opinion, it’s not the most beautiful town in Asturias, however, great for a quick stroll and some lunch.

Gijon, the largest city in Asturias, Northern Spain
Gijon, the largest city in Asturias, Northern Spain

12 || Oviedo

Oviedo is one of the main towns in Asturias, however, is located a little bit further south compared to the many beach towns in this guide. In Oviedo, you can find charming plazas, streets and landmarks such as the Cathedral of San Salvador. When in Oviedo, definitely check out the Sideria Street called Carre Gascona.

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The 12 best towns in Asturias to visit during your road trip

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The 12 best towns in Asturias to visit during your road trip