A Granada Travel Guide: Explore the Moorish Majesty of Andalusia

Free tapas with every drink in Andalusia, Spain? Your Granada Travel Guide is here!

Granada was one of the cities we visited during our 2-week road trip through the south of Spain – Andalusia. Specifically, I was looking forward to this destination for a couple of reasons. Spoiler alert: no disappointments there. Generally, chances are great you’ve heard from the Alhambra before heading to Granada, as it is Granada’s main sight. However, something you might not know, is that the surroundings are stunning too. For example, Granada is located next to the Sierra Nevada, where you can even go skiing when you like. Additionally, this accounts for snowy mountains in the background of an already stunning view of the famous Alhambra. Therefore, there is no doubt that place is included in this Granada Travel Guide.

As you might know, I’m a big food and drink fan. Therefore, I was delighted when I learned that every drink in Granada comes with a small bite of tapas. Not too bad right? Are you ready for my favourite places to go, eat, drink and stay? 

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Granada Travel Guide - a summary

  • Visit the Alhambra / Generalife
  • San Nicolas Viewpoint
  • Stroll through Albaicin
  • Go shopping in Alcaiceria
  • Free tapas at Calle Elvira
  • Drink Tinto de Verano
  • Granada Cathedral
  • Sacramento
  • Rollo 
  • Los Diamantes
  • El Tabernaculo
  • The best tapas places
  • Enjoy some Churros 
  • Paseo de Los Tristes

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The best things to do in Granada

|| Visit the Moorish majesty: Alhambra / Generalife

Firstly, the Alhambra should be on top of this list, since this is the main attraction to visit in Granada. We went in the early morning, right after opening hours. Fortunately, we did buy tickets beforehand, which allows you to skip the lines that might be there, even early in the morning. Visiting the Alhambra is €14, where you get access to the different buildings belonging to the property (including the most famous Nasrid Palaces). Next to that, it is also possible to just visit the Generalife, Alcazaba and Gardens for €7. However, I would recommend the €14 option, as you do not want to miss the most famous views while visiting. 

Furthermore, when you are not looking for a guided tour, the easiest way to buy tickets is through this link. Bear in mind that tickets can sell out well in advance, especially in a busy period. Due to the size and beauty, you need approximately 4 hours to visit the Alhambra. Lastly, as pictures tell you more than a thousand words, below you’ll find a visual overview of the Alhambra, Alcazaba and Generalife.

Generalife, Alhambra, Granada City Guide, Spain
Alhambra, Granada City Guide, Spain
Alhambra Gardens, Granada City Guide
Alhambra, Granada City Guide, Spain
View from Alcazaba, Granada
Alcazaba, Alhambra, Granada, Andalusia, Spain
Alhambra Gardens, Granada
Generalife, Alhambra, Granada
View from Alcazaba, Alhambra, Granada

|| Granada's best viewpoint: San Nicolas

Second on the list is the viewpoint that is almost more impressive than the Alhambra from the insight: the San Nicolas Viewpoint. You can find the San Nicolas Viewpoint in the Albaicin neighbourhood and you’ll run into a great vibe. Unfortunately, it is not that off the beaten track, however, it is still a spot that many locals visit and hasn’t only been swamped by tourists.

Alhambra from San Nicolas Viewpoint, Granada City Guide
Viewpoint San Nicolas on the Alhambra, Granada
Viewpoint San Nicolas on the Alhambra, Granada
Viewpoint San Nicolas on the Alhambra, Granada
San Nicolas Viewpoint, Alhambra - Granada City Guide
Viewpoint San Nicolas on the Alhambra, Granada

|| Stroll trough Albaicin

Albaicin is the old Arabic neighbourhood in Granada and the neighbourhood with the most atmosphere. You’ll find a mix of Spanish but predominantly Moorish influences. Additionally, it can be recognized by white houses, small streets and cute little restaurants and bars with only a couple of tables out on the streets. Also, the San Nicolas viewpoint is located in the same neighbourhood. 

Additionally, the best way to discover the neighbourhood is definitely by food, and actually, you don’t have another option. Just stroll around and you’ll be amazed at every corner. Moreover, there are quite some terraces and restaurants that reward you with a great view of the Alhambra.

Albaicin and the view on Alhambra, Granada City Guide
Albaicin and Alhambra views in Granada, City Guide
Albaicin in Granada, Andalucia, Spain

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|| Go shopping in Alcaiceria

The Alcaiceria is the area located around Calle Calderia, home to many Arabic shops and Arabic teahouses. Therefore, we took the time to sip some tea combined with Shisha in one of the tea houses. We, of course, visited one of them for some tea combined with Shisha. 

Alcaiceria, Granada, Andalucia
Alcaiceria, Granada, Andalucia

|| Enjoy free tapas with your drink at Calle Elvira

As previously mentioned, one of the main things to do is to enjoy the amazing privilege of ordering a drink and being rewarded with a piece of tapas. Looking for a street where you’ll find many tapas restaurants located close to each other? Calle Elvira (Elvira Street) is a great place to go on a tapas crawl.  

|| Drink Tinto de Verano

A drink we discovered in Granada is a drink called Tinto de Verano. It is simple: red wine mixed with Fanta Lemon. However, I loved it and I haven’t seen it in many other places. Fortunately, I ran into it a couple of other times in Spain, but I still relate this summerish drink to Granada.

|| Visit the Granada Cathedral

What is a bigger city without a cathedral? Actually, I have to admit we didn’t visit the cathedral from the inside and just had a quick peek at it from the outside. However, visiting the cathedral also supports exploring a new part of Granada.

Granada Cathedral, Spain

|| Sacromonte (& Bar Pibe)

Sacromonte is the gipsy and cave neighbourhood in Granada. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the time to visit this neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is also famous for the flamenco shows that take place in the caves. You can either take bus 34 from the city or prepare for a slightly longer and heavier walk as you will have to climb the steep streets. Bar Pibe is a cute little bar on the street of Sacromonte – so settle down to feel the Spanish vibes. 

|| Rollo

We ran into Rollo when we walked towards the cathedral. Are you also paying a visit to the cathedral and you are looking for a place to settle down with a drink or some tapas? Rollo is definitely the place to go! 

|| Tapas at Los Diamantes

Los Diamantes is one of the most famous tapas bars among the locals. However, don’t expect a romantic dinner, as Los Diamantes is a snack bar like tapas place with bright LED lightning. Nevertheless, the food is amazing and you don’t want to miss out on one of the best tapas places in town. 

|| El Tabernaculo - The most interesting bar in Granada

This place might be on top of the most interesting bars I’ve ever visited. It is tiny, cute and you might call it slightly creepy. From top to bottom, this place is dressed with Catholic artefacts. Furthermore, tt is featured in an episode of Anthony Bourdain, which we didn’t know when visiting. 

La Tabernaculo, Quirky bar in Granada, Calle Navas, Spain
La Tabernaculo, Quirky bar in Granada, Calle Navas, Spain

|| Enjoy some great tapas in Granada

In Granada, you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the crazy amount of tapas bars in the city. Based on extensive research, some of the most popular tapas bars in Granada are: Taberna la Tana, Bodegas Castenada, La Vinoteca and Casa Julio. 

|| Enjoy some churros

Churros are a thing in Andalusia to enjoy with some chocolate (you can dip your churro in a chocolate substance that compares to chocolate milk but is thicker). Additionally, the picture on the right is taken at Plaza de la Romanilla where you’ll find El Aguador. Also, we had some churros at Cafeteria Alhambra in the city centre. 

Tapas bar in Granada, Spain
Plaza de la Romanilla, Granada

|| Paseo de Los Tristes

When you are on your way through Albaicin, chances are high that you’ll pass Paseo de Los Tristes. A sunny street with a view of Alhambra. The restaurants and bars weren’t the best I’ve visited but the rays of sunshine you’ll receive on one of the terraces make it worth mentioning. 

Paseo de los Tristes, Granada
Paseo de los Tristes, Granada
Cafe culture in Granada, Spain

The best places to stay in Granada

Located in the middle of the city centre, next to some bars and one of the most famous tapas restaurants, you’ll find Porcel Navas. The hotel costs you around €70 a night (for 2 people) and is neat and clean. The hotel isn’t special but recommended because of the value for money and great location.

Hotel Navas, Granada

This beautiful hotel, Casa del Capitel Nazari, is located in the Moorish neighbourhood of Albaicin and includes a beautiful patio. Therefore, it is the perfect and central location for a local Granada experience. You can book rooms starting at €80 a night.

A small and clean hotel where you feel very welcomed by the staff. Next to that, the views and interior at Hotel Santa Isabel La Real are great. There is a lovely terrace available with great views over Granada. It is a more luxury hotel, that costs around €200 a night.

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