Captivating Canada’s nature in 15 breathtaking pictures

Discover Canada's nature in 15 pictures

Canada’s nature in 15 pictures is the first result of a trip I’m so glad I’ve made to the Canadian Rockies. These 15 nature pictures summarize our trip through British Colombia and Alberta in October 2018 and show how magnificent this beautiful country in North America is. As you can see, the snow came early that year. Canada should be on your travel list after seeing these 15 breathtaking pictures of its nature. Check out my Hiking in Jasper Guide for some of the hiking trails belonging to the pictures below. 

Images have all been shot with the Samsung NX300 which isn’t on sale anymore. 

Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake during a 25 km hike

Dutch Lake, Clearwater
Dutch Lake, Clearwater
Well's Gray National Park
Well's Gray National Park
Helmcken Falls, Canada
Helmcken Falls
Falls, Well's Gray
Falls, Well's Gray
Mount Robson, Canada
Mount Robson
Pyramid Lake, Canada

Views on Pyramid Lake during a hike in Jasper National Park

Hike around Pyramid Lake, Jasper, Canada
Pyramid Lake, Jasper, Canada
Maligne Lake, Canada
Maligne Lake
Spirit Island, Malign Lake, Canada

Spirit Island during the Maligne Lake Cruise

Horseshoe Lake in the snow
Horseshoe Lake
Snowy Mountain Tops, Icefield parkway
Snowy Mountain Tops, Icefields parkway
Icefield Parkway looks like Narnia

Snowy views on the Icefields Parkway

Snowy and slippery Icefield Parkway
Snowy and slippery Icefields Parkway
Louise Lake, Canada

Views over Lake Louise

This overview of Canada’s nature in 15 pictures is proof that you should be prepared for all weather conditions. When starting our trip, we were relaxing in the sun while wearing a t-shirt in Whistler, while at the end, we couldn’t even access all of the places we wanted to visit – think Moraine Lake – as the winter conditions kicked in. It also made the trip quite magical though. In case you would like to learn more about the Canadian Rockies, definitely check out our 3-week itinerary.


Canada's nature in pictures


Canada's nature in 15 photos - Convincing you to visit the Canadian Rockies


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