Embark on a Maligne Lake Cruise to Discover Spirit Island

Embark on an Adventure: Maligne Lake Cruise to Spirit Island

Taking a cruise across Maligne Lake to visit Spirit Island is one of the main activities to do around Jasper. Embarking on the Maligne Lake Cruise to discover Spirit Island is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are multiple options to visit Spirit Islands. One is by canoe, so you can do it at your own pace and potentially spend the night near Spirit Island. However, the most famous one embarks on the Maligne Lake Cruise to discover Spirit Island. This trip lasts for 1,5 hours and costs around 70 CAD (around €50) per person. On a holiday, as In Between Travels reflects, I try to only build in experiences in my itinerary that are good value for money. However, I’ve heard so many amazing stories, and the experience was recommended by many, that we took the guess. And it was well worth it! This article shows you why it is worth the trip and the money.

Be sure to book your tickets beforehand online (here), as this guarantees you a spot on the cruise. We were there in shoulder/low season and didn’t do this and this meant we had to wait a bit for the next tour where tickets were available.

|| Walking around Maligne Lake

It is not just the Maligne Lake cruise that is worth doing, the Maligne Lake itself is also one pretty area. Take pictures of the Maligne Lake boat house, stroll around the lake (the Mary Schaffer Trail), or take for example the Moose Lake Loop (2.7 km) to see a little bit more of the area. The area around Maligne Lake is famous for moose. The picture below shows one walking around the parking lot (I was at the toilet at the parking lot at that time and didn’t even realize the moose was passing by!). 

Maligne Lake Boat House, Jasper National Park
Maligne Lake House, Canada
Maligne Lake Boat House, Jasper National Park
Moose on the parking lot at Maligne Lake, Canada

|| Embarking on the Maligne Lake Cruise to Spirit Island

The cruise costs you 70 USD and the experience will take approximately 1,5 hours. The cruise towards Spirit Island takes around 35 minutes, after which you get to spend 20 minutes on the island before you spend the other 35 minutes on the way back. The cruise is done on a little boat, where you have a small back area where you can stand outside to enjoy the views. The lake is quiet, so luckily, the ride wasn’t bumpy at all. 

Maligne Boat Cruise, Jasper
Maligne Lake Boat Cruise
Maligne Lake
Maligne Lake, Canada
Boat Cruise, Maligne Lake

|| Explore Spirit Island

There you are, after 35 minutes you’ll arrive at Spirit Island. You can’t access the island itself to preserve its state, but the views on the island are probably even better. There is a little loop that brings you a bit higher up for a different view. 

I hate to say it, but yes, of course, you are there at the same time with the rest of the boat, and most of the time a second boat is arriving at the same time. However, the number of people on the cruise still leaves enough personal space to shoot some good pictures. Would I say the 20 minutes you have on Spirit Island are enough? Well, I had seen the place as there are not many ways to go. However, the area of course is wonderful so just being able to relax, sit down and enjoy the view would have been great. 

Spirit Island, Canada
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake
Travel photography from Spirit Island, Canada
Travel photography from Spirit Island, Canada
Spirit Island, Jasper, Canada
The boat at Spirit Island

|| Visit maligne lake and Spirit Island by Canoe

In case you want to stick around a little bit longer or if you want to avoid the crowds, it is possible to rent a canoe at the Maligne Lake Boat House and paddle Maligne Lake – down to Spirit Island – yourself. Renting a canoe will cost you 200 CAD for a day. Boats are limited, so get there early in the morning. You can also consider renting a canoe somewhere around Jasper instead of Maligne Lake and take it there yourself. Paddling from the boat house towards Spirit Islands covers a distance of around 16 km.

Some camping spots on the sides of the lakes only can be reached by canoe. When I would have the chance to visit Canada and the Canadian Rockies, I would love to visit Maligne Lake again but take that camping and canoeing experience for a more off-the-beaten-track adventure. (Book the camping spot well in advance though!) With a canoe, you also have the opportunity to paddle past Spirit Lake, so I’ve read, where that motorized boats aren’t allowed. Fisherman’s Bay seems a good place to spend the night, after some online research. 

Maligne Lake, Cruise starting point, Canada

|| The Best Hikes around Maligne Lake

From Maligne Lake, there are a couple of hikes you can take. Take the Marry Schaffer Loop around the lake (3.2 km) or the Moose Lake Loop (1.4 km). Next to that, the two more difficult hikes into the mountains called Opal Hills and Bald Hills are starting from Maligne Lake. Opal Hills is a hike that is 8.2 kilometers and the hike towards the Bald Hills is 10.4 kilometers. Both will take you 4 to 6 hours and can be combined with your Maligne Lake Cruise in the morning. 

Long story short: the Maligne Lake Cruise to Spirit Island is an experience you won’t easily forget. Looking for more things to do in Jasper National Park? Check out this article with the 10 top hikes to take in the park.

Looking out over Maligne Lake


Maligne Lake Cruise to Spirit Island


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