An alternative guide to Berlin

Not your average guide - an alternative guide to berlin

Berlin, my favourite city in Europe because of the special vibe the place has. After living there for a year, I still often think back about the vibes and I still miss the city. Berlin is an alternative city by itself, but with this article I would like to provide you with an Alternative Guide to Berlin that focuses on the places to see and visit you might not think of straight away. The guide is suitable for first time visitors looking for more than the general sights or for returning visitors looking for something new. 

Do you want to read more about Berlin? Check out my neighbourhood guides that tell you everything about Friedrichshain or Neukolln. 


One of my favourite places in/around Berlin. Visiting the Teufelsberg is a great thing to do. We took a bike and biked all the way here, to experience a bit more of the area and make it a full day out. Don’t forget to bring something to eat and drink as you can definitely have a picknick at the place. The Teufelsberg is a former spy station, now out of use and a street art walhalla. Easiest way to get there is by bike, or to take the S-bahn (S7) to the station Grunewald and walk around 30 minutes from here. A while back, this was an abandoned place, illegal to enter. But since 2011, guided tours are organized and it became more of a sight. Entrance has to be paid and will cost you €8 or €15 including a guided tour. I would recommend going on a bright way, so you can enjoy the views and to take your time exploring all the street art in and around the building.

Teufelsberg, Berlin - Alternative Guide
Teufelsberg, Berlin
Teufelsberg, Alternative Berlin
Alternative Guide to Berlin - Teufelsberg - Old Spy station
Teufelsberg, Alternative Berlin
Teufelsberg, Alternative Guide

Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee

Well, let’s start with the fact that entering this place might not be fully legal and definitely don’t expect it to be in service. This Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee is abandoned for a while now and the place is also referred to as “Zombie Hospital”. However, you still get a vibe from the colorful rooms throughout the whole hospital. Getting here is easiest with the M4 tram from Alexanderplatz and get off at the stop Buchsallee/Hansastrasse and walk a little from here. Getting in was in my opinion not too difficult. Online, I read many things about climbing a fence, however, we easily found a whole/way through the bushes to avoid the fence. When insight, be careful as you might be surprised with other visitors/homeless people. Always use your good sense, as of course it is an abandoned building which causes it not to be the safest place.

Kinderkrankenhaus Berlin
Kinderkrankenhaus Weissensee, Berlin
Kinderkrankenhaus, Alternative Berlin
Kinderkrankenhaus Weissensee, Alternative Guide
Kinderkrankenhaus Wiessensee, Berlin


Not Berlin, but a small village near Berlin that is called Potsdam. Potsdam is known for its beautiful palace and gardens. Thereby, there is also a little Dutch Quarter – that’s where you have me of course. First of all, you can easily reach Potsdam with the S-bahn (S7) from Alexanderplatz to Potsdam (don’t forget to buy a ticket that is also valid for zone C). The main sight is called Schloss Sanssouci and is definitely worth a visit. Don’t forget to have a drink on a terrace in the Hollandisches Viertel (Dutch Neighbourhood). Something I really liked about Potsdam is the neat atmosphere and the terraces with a vibe you don’t find that easily in Berlin.

Potsdam, Berlin Area, Alternative Guide
Potsdam, Berlin Area, Alternative Guide

Thai park - street food market

A culinary experience in Berlin. Be surprised by the colorful umbrellas all over the place all representing a little food or drink stall. From April to October, you’ll find this spectacle from Friday to Sunday in the “Preußenpark” in Berlin Wilmersdorf.

Thai Market, Berlin

Unterwelten tour

If you are into history and want to experience more of the history of Berlin, mainly related to the war periods, I would highly recommend taking an Unterwelten Tour. Personally, I did really like the tour where they are highlighting some U-bahn stations and the use of them called Bunkers, Subways and the Cold War. Check out and book all the different tours here. 

Tempelhofer feld + guided tour

Tempelhofer Feld is an airport not in function. Therefore, it is a unique place where you can enter the runways. Tempelhofer Feld is popular for biking, longboarding and just for a relaxed afternoon. If you are interested to know more about the airport, definitely book a tour through the airport. A tour takes two hours and costs €15 for adults. The English tour departs from Wednesday to Sunday at 1:30 pm. 

Generally, I do like Neukolln as a neighbourhood to discover the alternative side of Berlin. I’ve already written a full Neukolln Neighbourhood Guide, check it out!

Longboard Tempelhof, Neukolln

C/o berlin

Personally, I’m not that into musea. However, I do love photography musea! In Berlin, I would definitely recommend visiting C/O Berlin with great exhibitions changing regularly. 

C/O Berlin, Photography Museum

Do a späti crawl

If there is one thing I miss about Berlin, it will probably be späti’s on almost every corner and to be able to legally drink on the streets and enjoy a beer on the way. Späti’s are little shops especially used for buying beer and little snacks. Most of them are open all day and night. You can of course host a crawl yourself, or arrange one through AirBnB experience. Link can be found here.


An Alternative Guide to Berlin, Germany


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