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A Neukölln Travel guide uncovering local spots in Berlin by an insider

This Neukölln Travel Guide provides you with a detailed and local guide to this Berlin area by an insider. Neukölln is one of the greatest areas of Berlin, however, you need to know what places to go before you can fully embrace the neighbourhood. As a first-timer in Berlin, Neukölln might not be part of your standard travel itinerary. Even when you decide to go ‘off the beaten track’ from the general tourist sights, you might decide to head to Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. I love these neighbourhoods too, but when I lived in Berlin two years ago, I discovered how amazing Neukölln is. This article shares my favourite places, restaurants and bars; combined in a full Neukölln insider guide with local and insider tips.

- What to do and see in Neukölln, Berlin -

1 || Tempelhofer feld - a former airport

Berlin Tempelhof is a former airport in Berlin, which is now a great place to relax. You can enter the runways, do a tour through the former airport, relax in the grass or rent a longboard somewhere in the city and longboard the runway. In case you like it better to just explore the runway, you can also join this Bike tour of hidden Berlin that covers Tempelhof.

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Longboard Tempelhof, Berlin
Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
Longboard Tempelhof, Neukolln
Longboard Tempelhof, Neukolln

2 || A famous rooftop: Klunkerkranich

I’m not sure whether to highlight this as a ‘place to see and visit’ or a bar. Klunkerkranich is located on top of the Neukölln Arcaden shopping mall. Take the elevator to the top floor and walk through the parking lot to arrive at the entrance. The fee to get in is €3 after 16:00. Enjoy your ‘Weizen’ and see the sun setting over Berlin. 

Klunkerkranich, Neukolln
Klunkerkranich - Rooftop, Berlin
Klunkerkranich, Berlin
Sunset at Klunkerkranich

3 || The most amazing craft beer at Muted horn

If you are into craft beer, definitely go and visit the Muted Horn. With around 24 beers on tap and who knows how many beers by the bottle, you could spend your whole weekend here. I haven’t found many places in Europe where to selection is so broad and where many good breweries are present on tap. 

Muted Horn, Berlin
Muted Horn, Berlin

4 || Neukolln walking tour

Would you like to explore Neukolln more and learn about its history and hidden gems? As with most places, walking is the best way to explore as much of the area as possible! This Neukolln walking tour shares and shows everything that you want to know

5 || Weserstrasse

The Weserstrasse area is a street with many restaurants and bars, mainly bars though. When you visit the street during the day, you might wonder – is this a bar street in the evening? But mark my words, you’ll enjoy it. 

The best restaurants in Neukölln, berlin

Monella Pizza, Neukolln, Berlin
Pizza at Monella

Monella for pizza

I love the pizza’s at Monella and always take people to this place when I had visitors. The toppings are not your average and the disco ball oven is a great addition.

Gaston’s Tapas Bar for Tapas

Looking for tapas? This is the place! Right at the middle of the Weserstrasse.

Geist am Glass or Roamers for Brunch

Geist am Glass is the perfect place for a boozy brunch! Roamers might be one of the most instagram famous brunch places in Berlin.

Beuster as a proper restaurant

Beuster is the perfect place in Neukölln when you are looking for a proper restaurant.

Lavanderia Vecchia as a quirky Italian

An Italian restaurant in an old laundry saloon, with a great atmosphere.

- The best bars in Neukolln, Berlin -

Geist im Glass, Neukolln
Brunch at Geist im Glass

There are many bars worth visiting and these are my favourite! It is enough for a great bar crawl – don’t expect major parties, but these are wonderful places to have a relaxed drink.

  • TiEr is a great cocktail bar. You’ll find it by the tree outside.
  • Nathanja & Heinrich
  • Vater Bar
  • Mama Bar – yes, no jokes, they both exist in Neukölln
  • Ä
  • Frollein Langner
  • Kuschlowski

- The best hotels and accommodations in Neukolln -

As the restaurant and bars in Neukolln are pretty amazing and there are also decent places for nightlife, Neukolln could be your perfect neighbourhood to stay when in Berlin. I chose Neukolln as my base the last time I visited.

High-End: Are you feeling like a more fancy hotel? Aeronaut Serviced Apartments is the place to be. Prices for a studio start at €180, but they even have apartments available up to €1000 including a private rooftop jacuzzi.

Mid-Range/Budget: A great mid-range hotel is the Motel Plus, where rooms start at €80 for a night. The hotel is located a bit more on the south end of Neukolln.

Budget: If you are looking for a hostel and a bed in a dorm room, Grand Hostel Berlin Urban is the place for you. Beds in a dorm start from €40 onwards, and they also have private rooms available. 


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