Discover Rotterdam: “Het Nieuwe Maasparcours” – Discover the banks of the Maas

The hike to discover Rotterdam: "Het Nieuwe Maasparcours"

During COVID-19 traveling needs some creativity. As I’ve been sitting, surprise, at home for quite some time, I felt like a bit of a challenge. Normally, when on holiday I like to go on a hike and explore beautiful areas. This resulted in me doing some research on different walking routes in Rotterdam. Did I already say I was looking for a challenge? Well, I ran into a hike / walk called: “Het Nieuwe Maasparcours”. What to expect? A 28 km hike/walk along the banks of the Maas. Generally, speaking – I did like doing it and it brought me quite some nice shots from Rotterdam. However, I think that about 5 kms of the hike was rather boring. Unfortunately, that part is rather hard to skip as there are no other bridges nearby. Okay – let’s go! I’ll take you on a photo tour on the next way to Discover Rotterdam: “Het Nieuwe Maasparcours”. 

|| The route

I found the route on RotterdamRoutes, a website but mainly an app you can download that covers several routes in Rotterdam. Honestly, a perfect way to do so. It includes a GPS tracker, so you know where on the map you are and where you have to go. Next to that, it gives you a push notification when passing by a ‘sight’ or point of interest – where it also possible to listen to a short story about the location. Good to know – you can easily walk smaller bits of the tour and focus more on the sights. There are several water taxi stations on the way where you can skip parts of the walk or you can spread it out over multiple days.

|| time to discover rotterdam: "het nieuwe maasparcours"

The route starts at the “Euromast” and guides you along the Maas, where the first point of interest you run into are Poseidon and Tsaar Peter. To be honest, I had no clue those places exist, so definitely not the most famous parts of Rotterdam, but pretty. We’re off to a great start! 

Poseidon, Rotterdam Routes
Nieuwe Maasparcours, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Tsaar Peter, Rotterdam, Netherlands

|| Veerhaven

A stunning part of Rotterdam is Veerhaven. I have to admit, I never visited this place before in the 3 years I’ve been living in Rotterdam even though I’ve been close so many times. I’ll definitely want to go back when it is dark or on a more sunny day. It is stunning and a great place to visit when in Rotterdam.

Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Roei & Zeilvereniging, Veerhaven, Rotterdam, Netherlands

|| De boeg - war memorial & the erasmusbridge

A sight you can’t miss on the way is – of course – the Erasmusbridge or Erasmusbrug. At the beginning of the Erasmusbridge, you’ll also find “De Boeg” which is a war memorial in memory of the crew members of merchant ships in the second world war.

Erasmusbridge, Erasmusbrug, Nieuwe maasparcours, Rotterdam
De Boeg - Rotterdam, Netherlands
De Boeg & Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam, Maas

|| Willemsbrug and Maasboulevard

On to the next famous bridge in Rotterdam. You’ll pass the Willemsbrug and continue to the famous Maasboulevard. First of all, you pass the old swimming pool called Tropicano (now revamped the a restaurant called Aloha) after which you’ll go for a long streak along the water: The Maasboulevard.

Majesteit - Rotterdam
Willemsbrug and Waslijn, Maasboulevard, Rotterdam
Willemsbrug - View from the Maasboulevard, Rotterdam
Willemsbrug - View from the Maasboulevard, Rotterdam

|| Brienenoordbrug

Unfortunately, after the Maasboulevard you’ll end up at my least favourite part. You have to walk towards the Brienenoordbrug (bridge) which is also a highway. The way there is not very interesting, however my podcast got me through it. It is not that easy to skip this part, but you can of course take a water taxi from the Maasboulevard to the other side. 

|| Brienenoord towards rotterdam south

After the bridge, you’ll pass the Brienenoordbridge artwork and the route continues to the south of Rotterdam. I ran into this (closed) eatery, of which I had no idea style like this existed in Rotterdam. 

Brienenoordbrug artwork, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam South, Eatery

|| Feyenoord neighbourhood

When you are entering the Feyenoord Neighbourhood, you’ll be entering more familiar places. I was impressed by the beauty of the Feyenoordkade. From this neighbourhood you walk past the Unilever building towards the Hef and Noordereiland. 

Feijenoord Neighbourhood, Rotterdam, Nieuwe Maasboulevard
Feijenoordkade, Rotterdam
Unilever, Rotterdam - Maasparcours

|| The hef

Together with the Erasmusbrug and Willemsbrug, the Hef is another iconic bridge in Rotterdam connecting the south of the city with Noordereiland. And the bridge is definitely suitable for some photography. 

De Hef, Rotterdam, Maasparcours
De Hef, Rotterdam, Maasparcours
De Hef, Rotterdam, Maasparcours
De Hef, Rotterdam, Maasparcours

|| poortgebouw & Erasmusbrug

Well, hello again! The Erasmusbrug (Erasmusbridge) is in sight again and we are ready to admire it from the other side. Walking past the ‘Poortgebouw’ will lead you to the foot of the Erasmusbrug. A stunning piece of Rotterdam if you ask me. 

Erasmusbrug, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

|| Cruise terminal and hotel new york

You’ve arrived at the Kop van Zuid! The part of Rotterdam where you find the Cruise Terminal (where they had a great Dudok pop-up during summer!) and the famous Hotel New York. I actually found some lovely night shots of the hotel as well, so I would definitely love to go back. Next to Hotel New York, you’ll find the ‘statue’ of the lost luggage depot. Hotel New York is the former office building from the Holland America Line. 

|| Katendrecht

I only used to head to Katendrecht when visiting Fenix Food Factory. One of my favourite places in Rotterdam. You’ll find some nice bars and restaurants in Katendrecht and again you’ll be able to circle around Katendrecht following the banks of the Maas (it is called “Het Nieuwe Maasparcours” for a reason). You’ll pass the Rijnhavenbridge, find the Walhalla theater and another great view on Hotel New York, the Erasmusbridge and the Euromast. 

|| SS rotterdam

SS Rotterdam is a ship that was active on the Holland America Line and one of the most famous post-war passenger ships. Since 2008 the ship is based in Rotterdam and now it serves as a restaurant, hotel and tours are given on the ship. 

|| Maashaven & maassilo

Wer’e getting close the end of the 28km walk by passing along the Maashaven and the Maassilo, on of the most urban places of Rotterdam. Many parties and events are hosted in the Maassilo, but also the exterior is quite impressive. 

|| maastunnel

The Maastunnel, connecting the south and the north of Rotterdam by connecting the banks of the Maas. Next to that, this is also the last leg of “Het Nieuwe Maasparcours”. The Maastunnel is slightly over 1 km long. There is a separate tunnel for cars, bikes and pedestrians. 


Discover Rotterdam: Het Nieuwe Maasparcours


Discover Rotterdam: Het Nieuwe Maasparcours


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