Middellandplein, Rotterdam – an upcoming area

Hotspot alert: Middellandplein, Rotterdam - an upcoming area

Fun fact. When I started writing this article it was called Middelland. Then I realized, when I would cover the whole of Middelland the article would be too extensive and the area even too broad for a detailed article. The area I actually want to talk about is Middellandplein, Rotterdam – an upcoming area in the west of Rotterdam. The Middellandplein/Middellandsquare is a small area where fancy restaurants and brunch spots are arriving very very quickly. Lucky me, as it is the area I live in and I was missing some great hotspots so far. 

So, in this guide I’ll inform you about the several hotspots located around the Middellandplein, Rotterdam. Definitely worth a visit. And don’t forget to walk along the Heemraadsingel – a beautiful green area. 

MR. Nonno

Mr. Nonno was one of the first hotspots to open on the square. A perfect place for a cup of coffee and some pancakes, as that is what they are famous for. They offer many vegan and veggie options as well. 

Mr. Nonno, Middellandplein, Rotterdam
Mr. Nonno, Middellandplein, Rotterdam
Pancakes at Mr. Nonno, Rotterdam

Juffrouw van zanten

Juffrouw van Zanten offers a great outside terrace located at the Heemraadsingel and is therewith the only spot of this list not directly located at Middellandplein. They have another location in Kralingen and are known for their breakfasts and brunches. The place is also very kid-friendly. 

An amazing wood oven pizza place in Rotterdam! With an open and fancy interior and a small outside terrace this place is a real catch for the Middellandplein. They also do take-aways (dangerous for me!). 

De Buffel, Rotterdam
Wood oven pizza at De Buffel, Rotterdam
Pizza at De Buffel, Middellandplein, Rotterdam


Raïnaraï is an Algerian restaurant that offers a selection of food of great taste. They also have 2 locations in Amsterdam. We order the selection of the chef (1 course) for €25 per person and received a great mix of food. Unfortunately it was very rainy when we visited, but they also own a really cosy outside area.

Rainarai, a tasty Algerian restaurant in Middelland, Rotterdam
Rainarai, a tasty Algerian restaurant in Middelland, Rotterdam

Bistro Belén is the most fancy location of the list. Belén is seen as en experimental restaurant that tries out different ingredient and styles matching the changing environment. They offer a changing wine menu that matches the foods solely exciting out of organic wines. Natural ingredients are key at this location. You can eat inside but for the summer months they also offer a small terrace. 

arzu west

After their successful location in Rotterdam Noord, Arzu West opened. As pictures say more than a thousand words – check out those fabulous pancakes below. A perfect location when you have a sweet appetite with pancakes such as Red Velvet and Oreo. Don’t worry, they also offer healthy options such as bowls and sandwiches. They have a lovely backyard to settle down as well!  

Red velvet pancake, Arzu, Rotterdam
Oreo Pancakes at Arzu, Middellandplein, Rotterdam
Arzu West, Middellandplein, Rotterdam
Arzu Middelland, Rotterdam
Arzu West Backyard, Rotterdam
Pancakes at Arzu West, Middelland, Rotterdam

WINE BAR el parador

I didn’t know what to expect from this wine bar, but wow, it definitely exceeded all my expectations! In my opinion, this might be one of the best wine bars in Rotterdam. They have a great offering of organic/unfiltered wines and they have an extensive menu with around 50 wines on the glass. MUST GO! 

A great spot for Wine: El Parador at Middellandplein
El Parador, Middellandplein
El Parador, Middellandplein


Lastly, we have Roast. Roast is a cute coffee place, also perfect for getting some work done as there are plenty of power sockets located at the place. Order a cup of coffee or try one of their other drinks. We took a juice and some sandwiches for take-away, but I definitely see myself working here for a day. 

Roast Middellandplein, Rotterdam
Roast, Rotterdam
Roast at Middelland, Rotterdam
Pulled chicken from Roast, Rotterdam
BLT from Roast, Rotterdam

When on a city trip to Rotterdam, you probably might not even have heard of the Middellandplein, Rotterdam – an upcoming area in the west. However, those places are definitely worth a detour from your usual hotspot route. Are you living in the Netherlands or even Rotterdam? Definitely give the Middellandplein a chance and pay it a visit! 


Middelland Rotterdam, an upcoming Neighborhood


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