Mostar and Around: a travel guide

Everything you need to know in this mostar and around: a travel guide

Mostar, next to Sarajevo (the city guide can be found here) one of the main highlights of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is often visited on a day trip from for example Dubrovnik. However, it is definitely worth a trip where you’ll stay the night. Not only because of the ‘city’ itself, but also because you’ll create some time to actually go on a day trip from Mostar to discover the surroundings. Everything about Mostar, where to go, eat and drink and places to go on a daytrip in this Mostar and Around: a travel guide. 

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Mostar equals Stari Most. The famous bridge in the middle of the old town and the icon of Mostar. It definitely is a stunning bridge, with many good viewpoints (on and from the bridge). Visit during the day and night, as the experience is quite different. 

Stari Most, Mostar Bridge, Travel Guide
Stari Most, Mostar Bridge by night, Travel Guide
Mostar Bridge Views, Travel Guide
Mostar Bridge, Stari Most

2. Watch dare devils jump of the bridge

Every year there is a Red Bull event where people will jump of Mostar Bridge. The bridge is roughly 22 to 23 meters high and the water is freezing. Often, there are locals around to ‘demonstrate’ a jump for the public. It is allowed to jump yourself, but always be really careful and practice. Way to dangerous for me though…

Stari Most, Mostar Bridge Jumping, Travel Guide
Stari Most, Mostar Bridge Jumping, Travel Guide

3. Stroll through the old town

The small town is relatively small and can be completely packed with tourists, especially during the day when all the day trips are present. I wasn’t too impressed by the town itself, but soaking up the atmosphere is never wrong. 

Old Town of Mostar, Bosnia
Mostar Old Town, Travel Guide


A very impressive place on walking distance from the old town. This place makes you realize how intense the war that took place not even that long ago was. Being there felt a bit scary to me.

The sniper tower (former Ljubljanska Bank) is still there, but now with loads of graffiti paintings from the outside and inside that reflect the war. They turned bullet holes into art… 

Sniper Tower view on Mostar
Sniper Tower, Mostar and Around
Sniper Tower, Mostar and Around
Sniper Tower, Mostar and Around



Black Dog Pub is the only decent beer bar in Mostar. Definitely try one of the local craft beers called “Oldbridz”. 

They don’t sell food, but they were happy to order something for us. 

Black Dog Pub, Mostar
Little Stari Most, Mostar
Mostarsko Pivo
Snapshots of Mostar


A restaurant locals would recommend. One of the best rated ones in Mostar and always very busy so make sure you are there early to avoid peak dinner times. Go here if you would like a Bosnian BBQ type of dinner.


Later in the evening, after dinner we felt like another drink and we ran into Caffe Bar Marshall. Louder music was played and you could have a drink on their terrace. A simple bar, but a good spot for a drink.


I LOVE wine and a cheese and meat platter. This place is located at the water and therefore a good spot for a romantic dinner in Mostar. They serve full meals as well. 



This place was perfect. We had a bedroom with a shared bathroom, however, we never saw anyone around to actually go to that same bathroom in the time we were there. You’ll pay around €20 a night in total and the hosts were very friendly. It isn’t located in the middle of the city centre. 

With this place, we also arranged a day tour to discover the surroundings of Mostar, which this Mostar and Around guide will highlight. 

Central Located Guest House, Mostar
Image from


With our guesthouse we booked a full-day tour to discover everything the surroundings of Mostar / the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer. We paid €30 a person and it turned out to be a private tour. Our guide was called Dario and it seems that he still gives tours, so definitely look for tours with him around Mostar or contact the guesthouse above.



Blagaj is a little monastery under a cliff and believe me, it is stunning. We actually didn’t go inside, but how it looks from the outside (other side of the water) is definitely worth seeing. It is only a short drive from Mostar. 

Blagaj, Guid to Mostar and around


This place used to be a stronghold between Ottoman and Venetian frontiers. Now, it feels like a small, but beautiful city, that stood still in time. Located on the side of a hill, you can walk up to the tower and you’ll be rewarded with some more amazing views. 

Pocitelj, Mostar and Around
Pocitelj, Mostar and Around
Pocitelj, Mostar and around Guide
Pocitelj, Mostar and around Guide


Our last stop of the day were the Kravice Waterfalls. Stunning, but incredibly busy in peak season. So, this time, the pictures might actually not fully show the vibe in summer. Personally, I would have loved to see the place a little less crowded. However, the water is nice, so definitely have a dip into the water. 

Kravice Waterfalls, Mostar and around, Travel Guide
Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia

I loved going on this day trip to discover Mostar and surroundings as it has so many different locations to offer in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend this experience with Dario. 

Hopefully you liked this Mostar and Around: A travel guide as it gave more insights in Mostar and it shows it’s worth more than just a day trip from for example Dubrovnik.