Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero Walk

A perfect seafront hike: Puerto del carmen to puerto calero

When you are on holiday in Lanzarote and looking for a short but scenic walk, look no further. This scenic walk along the cliff takes you from one of the main cities of Lanzarote, Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero, the more fancy harbour location in Lanzarote. The distance from the starting point of the walk is only 2.2 km and takes about 45 minutes to an hour. The starting point is based on Calle Teide, marked on Google Maps as per below. Look for Sendero hasta Puerto Calero to find the exact starting mark. As you can imagine, this walk can easily be done when staying in Puerto del Carmen or Puerto Calero. Are you interested in other activities on the island? Check out my top 10 things to do in Lanzarote guide.

Once you arrived at the starting point, you actually can’t go wrong. It starts with a paved walking path, but soon it changes to an unpaved path. You only have to go straight and soon you will see the harbour of Puerto Calero, which is the ending point. On the way, you are walking along the cliffs, but some stairs to get down to the sea. Take swimwear in case you want to sunbathe in between the locals in more quiet areas and don’t mind laying on rocks. The pictures below show why this short walk is something to not miss out on!

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Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero


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