The best Instagram photo spots in Lisbon | A photography tour

Looking for the best instagram photo spots in lisbon? Here they are!

I’ve had the privilege to live in Lisbon for three months and discover all the different corners of the city. As I love photography, I often go out to shoot some pictures. The funny thing is, that looking through all the photos, I was still wishing for more and better shots of some locations. Still, this guide provides you with the, in my opinion, best Instagram photo spots in Lisbon. Of course, there is more to do and see in Lisbon than just creating some nice images. Check out my 3 to 5-day weekend itinerary/ Lisbon Travel Guide to learn more about the best things to do and bars and restaurants to visit in Lisbon.

1 || Elevador de Bica / RuA de Bica

This might be one of the most popular streets in Lisbon and most of the time you’ll catch tourists around. I was so lucky to live around the corner (a 1-minute walk) from this amazing street. Every time I walked past, I just had to shortly admire the street. Unfortunately, looking through my images, I realized I don’t have any pretty shots displaying the streets including a tram. Is a single photo enough reason to visit Lisbon again?! I think so.

Elevador da Bica, Lisbon Instagram Spots
Elevador da Bica, Lisbon Instagram Spots

2 || Spot the trams in different locations in the city

Lisbon is famous for the cute yellow trams and especially for tram 28 (which I don’t recommend taking btw). They make the streets if you ask me and are great for creating photographs. The first image is shot opposite Miradouro de Santa Luzia, the second picture is close to Pink Street and the third tram is driving the above-mentioned Rua de Bica and is shot from one of the side streets so you can spot the tram passing by.

Iconic trams in Lisbon, Portugal
Iconic trams in Lisbon, Portugal
Iconic trams in Lisbon, Portugal

3 || the pink McDonalds in Belém

Visiting the Torre de Belém might be one of the main reasons to visit Belém, the other reason for many is getting a Pastel de Nata at Pastéis de Belém (I would prefer Manteigeria, which also has shorter queues), however, another reason to head to Belém is the pink McDonalds! Do I need to say more? 

Pink McDonalds, Instagram Photo spot in Lisbon

4 || Miradouro da Graca

Lisbon is home to many viewpoints (Miradouro) and you could easily spend a day walking through the city to visit them all. If I have to choose the one I like best, I would go for Miradouro Da Graca. 

Miradouro da Graca, Instagram Spot Lissabon

5 || Praça do Comercio

The main square of Lisbon can’t miss on this list. Both the square and the paths with arches surrounding the square offer great photo opportunities.

Praça do Comercio, Lisbon, Instagram hot spots
Praça do Comercio, Lisbon, Instagram hot spots

6 || the crossing between Rua do Almada & Rua Mal. Saldanha

Another spot right around the corner from my previous apartment in Lisbon, right near a cute little craft beer bar and a small restaurant located exactly on the crossing between Rua do Almada & Rua Mal. Sandanha. 

Rua do Almada / Rua Mal. Saldanha, Lisbon

Lisbon is home to many nice bars and terraces to settle down, grab a drink and wind down. Next to that, Lisbon is also home to quite some craft beer places, which I love. Looking for a place to relax from your Instagram photo tour? 

Check out the best craft beer bars and best Lisbon bars.

7 || Rooftop from Rio Maravilha, Lxfactory

The rooftop bar from Rio Maravilha brings this amazing statue with a view of the famous 25. Ponte April Bridge in Lisbon. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the greatest weather, but in summer, this is a great place to relax.

Rio Maravilha, Lisbon, Photo spots

8 || ler devagar, book store in lx factory

This bookstore located in LX Factory is a hotspot. I think most tourists come here to admire this place and create some instaworthy shots, more than going book shopping. I get why though.

Ler Devagar Book Shop, Instagram Photo Spots

9 || Sé Cathedral and the nearby kiosk

My favourite kiosk, definitely in terms of looks and location, is the kiosk located under the Sé Cathedral. The cathedral itself is also worth a shot, just like the surroundings (Alfama neighbourhood).

Se Cathedral of Lisbon, Photo Spots Instagram
The different kiosks in Lisbon, Instagram photo spots

10 || Pink street

Looking for a party? You’re at the right spot in Pink Street. However, Pink Street is also famous on Instagram. I have to admit, in 3 months, I didn’t get the most standard picture that is taken from the other side of the bridge. Well, this gives an original point of view, right? 

Pink Street, Lisbon, Portugal

11 || Lisbon facades

The tiles and windows you’ll see everywhere around Lisbon are a sight in itself. Both these images were taken in Alfama, which is the perfect neighbourhood to spot these beautiful facades.

Facades in Alfama, Lisbon
Facades in Alfama, Lisbon

12 || Mouraria Fado Artwork (Fado vadio)

Fado is a music genre from Lisbon, which is still important in the city. This Fado graffiti artwork can be found in Mouraria and is worth admiring. Make sure you had to the ‘viewpoint’ that gives you the best view of the artwork. 

Fado Singer Viewpoint, Lisbon

13 || Pena Palace in Sintra

Pena Palace is located in Sintra, which is just a short train ride away from Lisbon. However, this is a place you can’t miss when you are into photography and just want to head to an amazing building. This colourful palace is worth seeing!

Pena Palace in Sintra, Instagram Hotspots
Pena Palace in Sintra, Instagram Hotspots

Best Hotels and Accommodations in Lisbon

Bica: Lisbon Bica (~€70 a night), Palácio das Especiarias (~€225 per night) or Bica FLH Suits (~€160 per night).
Barrio Alto: 
Bairro House Lisbon Charming Suites (~€150 per night), Lisboa Pessoa Hotel (~€210 per night), Bairro Alto Hotel (~€400 per night)
Mouraria / Intendente: Lisbon 5 hotel (~€75 per night), Lisbon Serviced Apartments – Mouraria (~€150 per night), WC by The Beautique Hotels (~€175 per night)
Principe Real: Flores Guest House (~€110), Casa de Sao Mamede Hotel (~€120), PortoBay Liberdade (~€330)
Lisbon Best Choice Apartments Alfama (~€150), Patio São Vicente (~€200), Memmo Alfama (~€300)

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The best Instagram photo spots of Lisbon, Portugal


The best Instagram photo spots of Lisbon, Portugal