The best bars in Lisbon – My top 10

Explore the best bars in Lisbon with my personal top 10

After living in Lisbon for 3 months, I dare to say I have visited my fair share of bars. Therefore, I can say for sure that Lisbon offers a great bar and party scene. Portugal’s capital offers many rooftops, craft beer bars (check out the full list here), jazz bars, little kiosks on the street and other bars to discover. This blog post gives an overview of my top 10 bars in Lisbon, and believe me, limiting it to only 10 bars was not easy. This travel guide shows you the best bars in Lisbon in a random order!

Wondering how to combine all these bars in a weekend? Find out how to combine all the best Lisbon spots in this Weekend in Lisbon Itinerary. 

1 || Park bar - The Best rooftop bar in Lisbon

Probably one of the most popular spots in Lisbon and for a reason. This rooftop bar is based on the top of a parking lot in central Lisbon. 

Park Rooftop Bar, Lisbon

2 || CASA INDepENDenTE - The best bar in lisbon

If I have to choose one favourite, Casa Independente will be it! It is not that known among tourists and you’ll see many locals hanging around. It has a great garden and also a room to go dancing. 

3 || CERVETECA - The best craft beer bar

My favourite craft beer spot in Lisbon, with around 15 beers on tap, changing daily. Even better, they always have a great mix of international and Portuguese beers on tap. 

4 || TOPO CHIADO or Lumi Rooftop

A little bit hidden, but a real pearl in the city centre of Lisbon. Enjoy a nice Vino Verde (Green wine) and enjoy the sunset on the terrace. 

Lumi Rooftop is a newer rooftop bar, which I haven’t visited while I lived in Lisbon. However, it is closely located to Top Chiado and one of the most popular bars in Lisbon in 2023. 

Topo Chiado, Lisbon

5 || Pensao amor - A quirky jazz bar in Lisbon

An old brothel in Cais de Sodre, which is now a burlesque-style bar. Pensao Amor is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine and listen to some live jazz music. 

Pensao Amor, Lisbon

6 || Pavilhao Chines - the weirdest bar in lisbon

Ready for a very random bar? Pavilhao Chines is famous because of its interior, which makes it worth the visit. Even though it is not my favourite bar when it comes to the atmosphere, it is well worth a visit because of its quirkiness. 


Majong is my favourite bar in Barrio Alto. Since Barrio Alto is the bar street, it is always very busy on the streets and there are loads of places around to get a beer – and finish it on the street. If you however prefer a nice glass of wine in dimmed light, this is the place to go. 

8 || TOPO Rooftop bar

The second rooftop bar called Topo is on the list. You can find this bar next to the Martim Moniz Square and is perfect to combine with a drink at Casa Independente (the number 2 on this list).

9 || BAR FOXTROT - Speak easy style bar in Lisbon

The first thing that is amazing about this bar, is the fact that the name is written on the pavement, with tiles. It is a vintage-style bar, with great cocktails. 

10 || A GINjinha for Lisbon's Famous cherry Liquor

A Ginjinha is a small shop where you can buy the famous Lisbon cherry liquor – which is exactly the reason why it should be on the list. Order your drink in the shop and drink it in front of the shop, as everyone does.

A Ginjinha, Lisbon

The Best Hotels in Lisbon to Explore the best bars

Bica: Lisbon Bica (~€70 a night), Palácio das Especiarias (~€225 per night) or Bica FLH Suits (~€160 per night).
Barrio Alto: 
Bairro House Lisbon Charming Suites (~€150 per night), Lisboa Pessoa Hotel (~€210 per night), Bairro Alto Hotel (~€400 per night)
Mouraria / Intendente: Lisbon 5 hotel (~€75 per night), Lisbon Serviced Apartments – Mouraria (~€150 per night), WC by The Beautique Hotels (~€175 per night)
Principe Real: Flores Guest House (~€110), Casa de Sao Mamede Hotel (~€120), PortoBay Liberdade (~€330)
Lisbon Best Choice Apartments Alfama (~€150), Patio São Vicente (~€200), Memmo Alfama (~€300)


Best Lisbon Bars


Lisbon Bar Overview, 10 best bars


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