The Best Brunch Places in Lisbon

A complete overview of the best brunch places in lisbon

You might probably already know what an amazing city Lisbon is. Living there for three months allowed me to discover the city and try many places for brunch as well as restaurants and bars. I’ve already written a full 3 to 5-day itinerary to Lisbon, one of my favourite cities as well as a guide to my top 10 favourite bars. After those articles, I would like to share the best brunch places in Lisbon with you. 

Just as a little heads up – most of these places are very popular. I would advise you to show up early in the morning to avoid rush hour between 10 and 12 at the weekends or holidays. The brunch places are located at different ends of the city, but when discussing a specific spot I’ll always name the neighbourhood. This guide can be perfectly combined with the rest of your Lisbon itinerary. 

By the way, did you know that the website Zomato collects menus from most of the restaurants in Lisbon? Great website when you are looking for a menu or have specific dietary requirements.

Okay, now it is time to get started with, in my opinion, the 11 best places for brunch, breakfast and lunch in Lisbon. 

1 || pois cafe, alfama

Pois Cafe is a cosy cafe located in Alfama. They offer a permanent food menu and it is possible to order great cakes and coffee. On the weekends, they also offer set brunch menus. There is free wifi, you can pick a book to read and on some occasions, they also offer art exhibitions.

Nicolau, Best Brunch place in Lisbon

2 || Nicolau , chiado

Nicolau is located in the city centre, rather close to the Praça do Comércio. This might be one of the most famous places in town and I gave it several attempts to get a spot. The first time, I headed to number 3 of this list as I didn’t want to wait. The second time, I went around 2 or 3 in the afternoon (you would say this is a quiet time) and we still had to wait for 45 minutes to get ourselves a spot. By now, they opened a little sister and nephew called Amelia and Basilio. Check out the different locations and their menu here.

3 || Frutaria, chiado

Frutaria is located within walking distance from Nicolau and is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend your time in Lisbon waiting for brunch. I can recommend their pancakes and sandwiches.

4 || brunch cafe, alfama

This place is located almost next to Praça do Comércio on your way to Alfama. The place is rather small, so once again you’ll probably have to wait a bit. They offer English Breakfast, Continental Breakfast and their pancakes are also worth trying. 

5 || heim cafe, santos

I had brunch at Heim Cafe when on my way to LX Factory. From the city centre, a cute, bright brunch spot makes a great stop during your walk. Enjoy your perfectly made cappuccino and some great food.

Heim Cafe, Lisbon Brunch
Image: Heim Cafe Instagram

6 || Fabrica coffee roasters, bica

This might be the most famous coffee place in town. The outside of the building tells you, you’ve arrived at Fabrica Coffee Roasters. Needless to say, you should order a good cup of coffee when visiting. I’ve been enjoying the little spot outside, watching the rain with a double espresso and croissant. This place is also perfect to work, because of the long shared tables. 

7 || hello kristof, BICA

A cosy place for brunch or work. This place, fortunately, isn’t too busy. I’ve spent a day here working and I loved it. The coffee is good, the personnel is friendly and I did like their toast with some goat cheese and honey. 

Hello, Kristof - Brunch in Lisbon
Hello, Kristof - Brunch in Lisbon
Hello, Kristof - Brunch in Lisbon

8 || bowl lisboa, campo de ourique

The name says it all, at Bowl Lisboa you can find all kinds of smoothie bowls. Healthy lovers, eat your heart out. The place is currently located in Campo de Ourique, so don’t forget to visit the market there for a local experience. 

9 || fauna & flora, SANTOS

Fauna & Flora might be my favourite from this whole list. The layout of the place is amazing, fully covered in plants to experience the full flora and fauna experience. The place will serve something that suits you, as they have the greatest smoothie bowls, pancakes, egg dishes and sandwiches. 

Fauna & Flora, Brunch in Lisbon
Photo: Instagram Fauna & Flora

10 || the mill, Bica

Another great coffee place in Lisbon is The Mill. They serve brunch all day, with fresh ingredients. Their bagels are top-notch and worth a try. Take a seat at the little bar and you can look out of the window and watch life in the streets of Lisbon. 

11 || Dear breakfast, Santos & Chiado

This place is stunning. The marble tables, white colours and black and blue chairs. I just love the layout of this brunch place. They have two different locations in Lisboa, one in Santos and one in Chiado because the place was doing well. They also do serve a full brunch at the weekends (including a brunch cocktail!).

Dear Breakfast, Best Brunch in Lisbon
Photo: Instagram Dear Breakfast

The best places to stay in lisbon to explore the best places to brunch

Bica: Lisbon Bica (~€70 a night), Palácio das Especiarias (~€225 per night) or Bica FLH Suits (~€160 per night).
Barrio Alto: 
Bairro House Lisbon Charming Suites (~€150 per night), Lisboa Pessoa Hotel (~€210 per night), Bairro Alto Hotel (~€400 per night)
Mouraria / Intendente: Lisbon 5 hotel (~€75 per night), Lisbon Serviced Apartments – Mouraria (~€150 per night), WC by The Beautique Hotels (~€175 per night)
Principe Real: Flores Guest House (~€110), Casa de Sao Mamede Hotel (~€120), PortoBay Liberdade (~€330)
Lisbon Best Choice Apartments Alfama (~€150), Patio São Vicente (~€200), Memmo Alfama (~€300)


The best Brunch Places in Lisbon


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