The Ultimate Travel Map to Paris | Hotspot Overview

The Ultimate Travel Map to Paris | All hotspots pinned on an easy to use map

Welcome to the City of Lights, the capital of France, Oui Oui Paris! In Paris, every corner tells a story and reveals new beautiful locations and amazing bars and restaurants. To enhance your experience during your next weekend trip to Paris, I present a personalized travel map, which is a carefully curated guide that unveils the best hot spots, hidden gems, and delectable dining options scattered throughout this mesmerizing city. This ultimate travel map to Paris gives you a perfect overview of amazing locations. 

Allow the map to be your compass, leading you through the charming streets and vibrant neighborhoods. Personally, I always love to see hotspots pinned on a map, as it allows you to explore a city and find the nearest great location when you are seeking some food or a drink. Furthermore, it provides a visual overview of how to structure your trip. Whether you find yourself lost in the allure of a bustling market, sipping espresso at a sidewalk café, or discovering a hidden boutique, each moment promises to be a unique part of your Parisian adventure. The travel map to Paris is designed to be flexible, allowing you to create your own narrative and discover the city’s treasures at your own pace.

Indulge your senses, embrace the spontaneity, and let the City of Lights unfold before you. Paris awaits, and your weekend adventure is about to start. Save the map for your next stay and bon voyage!

- Your Ultimate Paris Travel Map -

Are your favourite hotspots missing? Feel free to reach out to to let me know what should be added! 

My favourite hot spots in Paris

Although the map gives a great overview of great places to go in Paris, I of course have some personal favourites based on my latest trip to Paris. If you can’t choose from the map and want a bit more guidance, I definitely recommend the following hotspots. 

Picture Locations: Definitely visit one of the great locations for the perfect Instagram photo of the Eiffeltower, such as Rue de L’ Universite, Avenue De Camoens or Le Recrutement Cafe.

Restaurants: The famous Pink Mamma is worth the hype (make your reservation early!), moreover Chez Cartier is a real experience (be prepared to queue) and Chez Janou was also one of my favourite options.

Bars: Paris is full of speakeasies and amazing wine bars, don’t miss out on Le Baron Rouge, L’Epicier and Mamacita (a restaurant that turns into a party area).

Visit: Of course, during a trip to Paris you can’t miss out on some main sights such as the Eiffeltower, Louvre, Jardin de Luxumbourg, L’ Atelier des Lumieres and Musee d’Orsay.

Travel Map to Paris, your ultimate hotspot overview to the capital of France
Travel Map to Paris, your ultimate hotspot overview to the capital of France

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Travel Map to Paris, your ultimate hotspot overview to the capital of France


Travel Map to Paris, your ultimate hotspot overview to the capital of France