10 day Puglia Itinerary – The perfect Italy road trip


Puglia, also called the heel of the boot of Italy, is a region that is home to many cute towns, such as the white town Ostuni, the picturesque Monopoli and Gallipoli as well as the famous trulli village Alberobello. The great thing of visiting Italy, is that great food is guaranteed. We did spend 10 days in Puglia, and visited in October 2020, during Covid. This meant, it was way more quiet than normally, and at a certain point during our holiday, it even felt too quiet. I would recommend visiting Puglia, when you can, in shoulder season. With this 10 day Puglia Itinerary, I’ll show you our travel route, which I would definitely refer to as the perfect Italy road trip. There wouldn’t be a single thing that I would have changed, except for adding more days and spending a little longer on the beach and in a Masseria. 

How to get around?

As this guide describes a road trip, I would 100% recommend to rent a car. It gives you an amazing amount of freedom and allows to visit smaller villages and beaches along the way. I’m always a big fan of rentalcars.com for car rental. We managed, to park for free during our entire trip! Of course, this needs some research and sometimes a bit of walking to your Airbnb/hotel. Train lines in Italy are quite easy to use and many of the below mentioned villages and towns are connected, however, of course it is way harder to visit the beaches or to combine several towns on one day. 

* Note: All links below link to detailed travel and city guides

Day 1 || Head to Lecce and discover the city

Day 2 || Discover Gallipoli (+ Corigliano d’Otranto)

Day 3 || Discover the south of Puglia (Grotta della Poessia)

Day 4 || Matera (Sassi Barisano)

Day 5 || Matera (Sassi Caveoso)

Day 6 || Polignano a Mare (via Altamara, Castel del Monte, Bari)

Day 7 || Monopoli & staying in a Masseria

Day 8 || Valle d’Itria (Cisternino, Locorotondo, Martina Franca)

Day 9 || Alberobello & Ostuni 

Day 10 || Ostuni

Day 1 || Head to Lecce and discover the city

We flew from Amsterdam to Brindisi, where we rented our car and started our trip. Lecce, was the first stop and what a great first stop this was. I quite fell in love with Lecce, and after the whole holiday, we dare to say this was our favorite city. There is an opportunity for quite some day trips, but it is the perfect base to spend your evening due to the many restaurants and bars in Lecce. Next to that, there are many pretty places to visit, so don’t forget to also spend one of your days discovering Lecce itself. 

Chiesa di San Matteo, What to do in Lecce
What to do in Lecce, Puglia, Italy

Day 2 || Discover gallipoli from lecce (+ CoRIGLIANO D'OTRANTO)

Gallipoli is a cute little beach town worth visiting. We loved walking along the sea front, while crossing through the cute alleys in the city center on our way back to the car. Unfortunately, no nice restaurant recommendations from our side, as the restaurant we ate wasn’t too good. I would recommend heading into town for a restaurant instead of going for a beach view. On our way to Gallipoli from Lecce, we also crossed Corigliano d’Otranto. The place is not really special, but it is fun to see some smaller and less touristic places around as well. After our day trip, we returned to Lecce to spend the evening and head out for drinks and dinner. 

Corigliano d'Otranto, The south of Puglia
Beach in Gallipoli, Puglia, Italy


The south of Puglia is also home to many beaches and my favourite, the Grotta della Poessia. We spend a day driving south along the coast. Unfortunately, the weather turned bad and hence we couldn’t visit all sights we planned for. This article, on the south of Puglia, covers a full overview of what places to visit from Lecce.

Grotta della Poessia, South of Puglia, Lecce, Italy

Day 4 || MATERA (Sassi Barisano)

Even though Matera isn’t officially part of Puglia, but belongs to the Basilicata province, it’s often combined and added to a Puglia itinerary; and for a reason. The city is beautiful and worth discovering. The most striking thing about Matera is that it consists out of two Sassi. The first day in Matera, we did focus on exploring one of them named Sassi Barisano. Read everything you need to know about Matera in this specific Matera City Guide. 

City Guide View over Matera, Puglia, Bascilicata, Italy
Matera Viewpoint Palombaro lungo, Italy


The second day in Matera, we spend on discovering Sassi Caveosa. Personally, Sassi Caveosa was my favourite as there were so many amazing alleys to discover and to photograph. 

Views overlooking Materas Nature
Sassi Caveoso, Matera, City Guide Italy

Andalusia might be one of my favourite destinations in the world. The south of Spain has so much to offer and discover such as the beautiful cities Seville and Granada as well as the smaller cute towns like Vejer

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Day 6 was a packed day. We departed from Matera early in the morning and had a quick stop in Altamura to stroll around and head for a coffee. Afterwards, we continued our journey to the more famous Castel del Monte. I have to admit, the outside is pretty but it’s not necessarily worth it to visit the inside, especially unguided as you just walk through empty rooms. After our visit to the castle, we continued to Bari for a stroll around town and some lunch. Want to know more about this little road trip? Check out everything about our day tour past Altamura, the castle and Bari here.

The last stop of the day and our place to stay the night was Polignano a Mare, a cute coastal town with one of the most iconic views of Puglia. Stopping at Polignano a Mare? Make sure to check out this full guide.

Castel del Monte, Puglia, Italy
Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy


We started our day with a breakfast in Polignano a Mare before checking out of our great appartement and starting the next day. Visiting Monopoli was next on our list, where we strolled around and enjoyed some take-away lunch from a cute bakery. Afterwards, we continued our journey to Masseria Montenapoleone to relax by the pool for the remainder of the afternoon and to fully soak in the experience of staying in a Masseria. Do you want to learn more about staying the night in a Masseria? Click here.

Photographic Guide to Monopoli - Old harbour of Monopoli, Italy
Dinner area of Swimmingpool of Masseria Montenapoleone, Puglia, Italy


Day 8 of this 10 day Puglia itinerary was marked by exploring the first villages of the Valle d’Itria, the beautiful area famous for some cute little towns and the trulli’s. We decided to leave Alberobello to the next day, to be able to go early in the morning and escape the crowds. Unfortunately, the weather turned bad this day which meant that walking around and sitting on a terrace wasn’t possible this day. Still we had a great time exploring these villages. Learn more about them and check out my favourite snapshots here. We even spend the night in a trulli (or well, unfortunately the house connected to it). 

Locorotondo, Valle d'Itria, Puglia, Italy
Martina Franca, Valle d'Itria, Puglia, Italy


As mentioned, we wanted to visit Alberobello early in the morning as this might be the most famous place of Puglia because of the Trulli houses. We mentioned to beat the crowds, probably also due to visiting during COVID, and enjoy Alberobello to the fullest. There is not too much to do, but it’s a great place for photo’s! After our visit to Alberobello in the morning, we continued our journey to the final destination of the trip: Ostuni. We enjoyed lunch, soaked up the sun and went for dinner to leave exploring the city in more detail to the next day. 

Viewpoint over Alberobello, Puglia
Quick Guide to Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

Day 10 || OSTUNI

The final day of this 10 day Puglia itinerary, we’ve spend in the beautiful town Ostuni. We wandered around, made loads of pictures, visited a great view point, visited a very famous bar and enjoyed the last rays of sun as well as the stunning Italian food. Learn more about what to do, see, eat and where to stay in Ostuni here. 

Famous door in Ostuni (Porta del Paradiso), Puglia
View from Viewpoint Corso Vittorio Emmanuel II, Ostuni, Puglia

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10 day Puglia itinerary, your perfect Italy roadtrip


10 day Puglia itinerary, your perfect Italy roadtrip


10 day Puglia itinerary, your perfect Italy roadtrip